back with a vengance

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been gone.  I’ve been busy.  Sort of.  And now school has started and my ass is kicked.  Kicked, I tell you.

Sara, of Egg Dance fame,  has some *lovely* things to say about how you know when you’re a ttc veteran.  Really, go read them.   Numbers 6 and 8 particularly “resonate” with me.

So yes, it seems I am back on the train o’ bitterness that goes with ttc.  The month off was so fucking (somehow I just typed that as “god cucking” – wtf?) great that I am almost loathe to get my ticket punched again.  And they started charging for blankets!  Hello, train o’ bitterness?  We infertiles would like our blankets for free, thanks.  Lord.  What is wrong with people?  Charging for blankets?  They may as well charge you to have a baby.  Oh, wait – they do that.

In other news, school has started.  And is predicablly kicking my ass.  On the bright side, I have managed to walk to work and then take the bus home 2 days in a row.  Woo!  I heart the bus.  Also, walking means music in the mornings on the way to work, which leads me to this question:  in the song “Marry Me” is Dolly saying that her man “knows all about lovin’ stuff” or “all about love n’ stuff”?  Please weigh in down there in the comments.  If you don’t know the song I am sorry for you.

Meanwhile, all I want to do is sit around and eat tomatoes.  Don’t you miss this being a food blog?

N.B.  Cheese from the aforeblogged trip to DC, by way of Two Hot Mamas, who I should have blogged about meeting but didn’t.  See excuses above.  Also note well, they are fab, those hot mamas.


12 Comments on “back with a vengance”

  1. N says:

    Welcome aboard, we have emergency exits at the front and rear, as well as off to the sides. Though the rows with the meds cost more.

    I’m glad you like the cheese. (WE HAVE MORE. XD)

  2. Olive says:

    Mmm…avocado. I’m pretty angry about all the charges too. I hear they’re going to start charging a separate seat fee for each sperm – you can’t carry them anymore.

  3. Yay, you are back!

  4. jay says:

    What’s this about charging for blankets?! Did I miss something?! Do tell (apologies in advance for being all clueless) xx

  5. reproducinggenius says:

    I hear you on the ass-kickingness of school. Ugh. Hooray for you for getting to walk and take the bus.

    Welcome back on the train. I hope to be joining you after a couple of stops. I’ll share my blanket.

  6. vee says:

    Welcome back, stranger.
    And WTF about the blankets? Next time you’re in, take a pile with you and start undercutting them!

  7. gypsygrrl says:

    welcome back, honey!
    so…any news about The New Cute Girl? i had a dream like the one you wrote about last night…except *gasp* it involved a BOY. and i woke up very…ummmm, awake! (i do not like the recently resurrected bi-tendencies. ahem.)

    have totally missed you and now you can totally miss me, as school has started last week for me… i am supposedly doing homework NOW but notsomuch.

    ok. back to the medication-looking-up (whilst i wait for teh boy to message me back)


  8. The injector says:

    glad you are back and walking to work and bus riding and all that lovely “non-traditional” commuting.

    Missed you.

    don’t be too much of a stranger now that you are back to school.
    and, yes, september is the month for both you and k!


  9. owlie says:

    just wanted to pop in and wish you luck. it is your bloody turn already!

    that avacado looks yum.

  10. Clemency says:

    Yay, two posts!

    Mate, I am not even *on* the train yet…I am running along the station platform, trying to flag it down. The fucker. And who needs those blankets anyway, they’re thin and threadbare and horrible and they smell. Bring your own blanky and your teddy bear for good measure.

    I have been hearting avocadoes for a while now, for some reason they’re in season while hardly anything else is. Just made a yummy avocado dressing for salad from healthy cookbook. Remind me to give you the no-oil hummus recipe, it’s the best hummus I think I ever ate.

  11. hd says:

    Minus the yummy looking spices and such, that is exactly what I just had for lunch.

    I just saw a reference to a hummus recipe in the comment above. I would like a hummus recipe. You know, if someone is handing them out.

    Glad you’re here.

  12. yup, another sara says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I have never heard that Dolly song and I am sad (because I love me some Island in the Stream); I will have to check it out immidiately! And what is this about the blankets? Can you explain?

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