sort of an award, more of a meme

Crap.  The fine, fine ladies over at Reproducing Genius nominated me for an award (They like me!  They think I’m funny!  I’d have a beer with them, too!) and I am just now getting it together to follow up with  my own.

But see my award?

So god damn late, as per usual.  Welcome to Starrhill, where there is no time.  Maybe crap was the wrong way to start this post….

Anyway.  I’ve now waited so long to do this, many of the people I love have been nominated already.  Crap.  (Good lord, I said it again.  What’s with the potty mouth these days?)

Let’s do my local girls first, ‘kay?

  • cho-girl, natch, although she hasn’t posted all summer long.  Ahem.
  • Elsie, of Dianthus, because she can get more done in the pre-noon hours than anyone else in the whole world.
  • the Crazytown kids, because honestly I don’t think anyone loves Virginia as much as LB and I.
  • Wistar, who is a) funny and b) a famous blogger. Yes, I know her and yes, you can touch me.

And some internet folks:

  • Bri at Unwellness,  because she was my blog cherry and because every time she comments here I get all squeal-y, like a kid in a candy shop.  Plus, fucking cute kid.
  • the injector, who is honestly one of my heroes.  Honestly.  Be radical and kind like she is and we’ll all be winners.  Do it.  (And she has sunglasses just like me!  We are twins!)
  • Qweird Utah.  Funny as shit.  And she knows Chicory IRL, so I want to touch her.  Not inappropriately.  I swear!

Oneofhismoms was right, this is totally a meme and I’ve fucked it up by nominating folks who are amazingly unlikely to nominate anyone else (which is what they are supposed to do).  But hey, I love them anyway.  And you will, too.  I swear.


8 Comments on “sort of an award, more of a meme”

  1. bri says:

    AT LAST! Awards! Thank heavens someone had the decency to mention me, since I am not sure there are many bloggers as fame-lusty as I. Thank you for that. Big thanks. And squeal-y? Wow. Thanks.

  2. yup, another sara says:

    You rock! This is well-deserved.

  3. oneofhismoms says:

    Bri just wanted to make you squeal. It must be exciting to have that kind of power.

  4. the injector says:

    aww shucks! thank you. please know that you are one of my all time forever favorite blogs, and while i will not be passing on the love of more awards, i do greatly appreciate your kind words and the affirmation.
    oh, i would like to see a pic of you in my glasses so i can see all the twinishness!?

  5. qweirdutah says:

    i’m honored to get a shout out. even more thrilled that my messed up life right now can make someone say “funny as shit.” And knowing Chicory…yah, she really is all that.

  6. LB says:

    I don’t even know how to pass this on.
    I thank you though, and so does the KP.
    Boring as I am, I do love virginny!

  7. bp says:

    oh star hill girl – you are awesome. I was sitting at home thinking that and realized that thought would do better out in the world than rattling around in this head of mine…

  8. bp says:

    ps – LB – that is so *not* boring. You are dead on right!

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