no sleep till brookland

Travel Jounal, Day One

Train on time. Woo. Ran into nice boy from the theater, sat with him on train. Train arrived Union Station prior to ETA. Who says Amtrak doesn’t run on time?

Walked from CU metro stop to hosts’ house. Lovely green space to right between neighborhood and metro tracks – good job with the green space, city of DC – gold star for you.

Coffee and lunch and gossip with host the first.  Host the second away for work in Richmond – plans to arrive this evening.

Delightful metro trip (red line) 3 stops up from CU.  Met also delightful internet people.  Did not get kidnapped by them (hosts were worried). Damn.  Wanted to eat the baby.  Her cheeks looked delicious.  Restrained myself, as these delightful internet people might think I am crazy.

Additional metro trip back to Brookland.  Stroll home.  Chat with host the first, who is working.  Read 2 pages of trashy Naiad book from the 80’s.  Nap on couch.  Make plans with alternate DC friends, aka non-hosts.

Walk dog with host the first.

Trip to the grocery store and the liquor store.  Home for drinks and potato chips. Plans for pizza are afoot.  Non-hosts will arrive at some point.


3 Comments on “no sleep till brookland”

  1. N says:

    Sounds excellent. 😀 I’ll give you a call tomorrow?

  2. the injector says:

    enjoy, enjoy…the visiting adventures!

  3. LB says:

    I got the goods.

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