true confessions

Bless me, y’all.  It has been many days since my last post.

  • for well over a year now, I have been putting my trash out on the curb to be picked up.  Without a trash sticker.
  • CLAW was great last night.  Which was in itself great, because I’d been dreading it since last month was such a nightmare.  But really, it was great.
  • I was so unprepared for tonight’s parent meeting and, without qualm, let S run the whole damn show.
  • I do not believe that school is starting.  In my deepest heart, I do not believe it.  So deep is this disbelief, I am going out of town, so as to further hide my head in the sand
  • the cat drama here is fierce
  • as are the fleas
  • I have bought bakery bread 3 times now this summer.  My vow to make my own bread has run and hidden it’s head in shame.  It was too hot to turn the oven on.  And the bakery is so close and their bread is so good.
  • I have an air conditioner – let the eco police come for me; I’ll go willingly.

Oh my Readers, I am heartily sorry.  And I detest all of my sins.  I do. Because I fear the loss of heaven and the pains of hell.  But most of all, because the offend Thee, my Readers.  I firmly resolve to confess, do penance and amend my life.  I do.  Send in the hairshirts.

12 Comments on “true confessions”

  1. Tricia says:

    Yes, but look at all the food you’ve put up in your freezer! And the cheesemaking! and the CSA! If buying from a local bakery is your only food sin, you’re doing pretty well.

    BTW: I put a listing asking for gooseberries, currants and other fruits from people’s gardens, and mentioned that I’m on the long-ass waiting list for a community garden spot. I just got a note from someone who has excess raspberries (whoever heard of such a thing!) and currants, and offering me plums and apples later! she also wants to talk about letting me garden the raised beds in her backyard! I’m so excited! (thus the superfluity of exclamation points!) I’ve already looked online and found some perfect red currant recipes.

  2. gypsygrrl says:

    oh SHG, i think i am totally in love with you after this confession post. i have not been to real confession in EONS (thank god i came to my senses *ahem*) but you sure brought back a lot of catholic school memories…


  3. nutella says:

    I’m sure that the local baker thanks you for supporting her. I hearby absolve you of the sin of bread buying.

  4. yup, another sara says:

    I too think that your local shopping and CSA membership resolve any and all sins. And the garbage? Ride free!

  5. If you don’t come back from your trip, then no school! I am a genius! Only I would miss you.

  6. The injector says:

    your sins are so sweet; really they are– sweet, sweet sins.
    enjoy your trip.xo

  7. Calliope says:

    I hope you add a LOT more to your tame list this weekend! 😉

    p.s. will you send me some baked bread? That sounds SOOO good!

  8. reproducinggenius says:

    I think all of us teacherly types are committing the sin of denial right about now. School can’t possibly be starting. Nope. It’s not.

  9. Travelher says:

    Long live the A/C. When it’s to hot to cook, ya do what ya gotta do.

  10. enjoy your time away girl! and A/C. gotta love it.

    also, i’m late catching up on posts….but wanted to say WAY TO GO on switching donors. sounds like perfection to me 😉


  11. reproducinggenius says:

    P.S. I have something to confess too: You’ve been nominated on my blog for the lastest award meme.

  12. boombababy says:

    un-lurking. love your blog. hilarious!

    hope you don’t mind if i blogroll ya.

    🙂 shawn

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