you’re either on

You’ll remember my love/hate relationship with cars.  I really intend to not drive much at all in the summer, but this summer has somehow been all about Teh Time In Teh Car.  Bah.  So now that summer is almost over (insert weeping and gnashing of teeth), I got it together to coordinate picking up Sophie from her camp bus with getting all 3 of us back downtown for dinner at the diner.  Traffic this summer has been from hell, but it all looks different from the bus.

A photo essay of my small auxiliary red head’s first local bus ride, plus bonus shot from the diner.

You’ll note there are no mf captions because wordpress hates me.

6 Comments on “you’re either on”

  1. the kingpin says:

    great photos. is the auxiliary redhead holding a dead bird to bring on the bus? it looks like it and i wouldn’t put it past her. xoxoxo

  2. bbbbp says:

    I cannot believe how much your redheads have grown! I see both their mothers when I look at them.

    I heard you spoke to W. We must talk soon as there is much news. fyi – all events will be in the ‘ville so no need for travel on your part.

  3. yup, another sara says:

    These are great pictures!

  4. gypsygrrl says:

    holy moly ~ that littlest red head’s hair!!! women pay all kinds of good money to have red hair like that…

    love the pics, and the older red-head is getting so big!!! amazing how time flies…

  5. the injector says:

    nice pictures.
    so sad that summer is winding, winding, winding down, but at least you are documenting it.

  6. Clemency says:

    Your redheads are so cute.

    My nieces are bloodnuts as well…the younger one Zara has hair almost the exact shade of your auxiliary. I love it.

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