Y’all have been dying to know the answer to the million dollar question, haven’t you?  I know you have. You can act all nonchalant and like you’re too cool for school, but I *know* you.  You want to know everything.

So, yes. I’ve switched donors.  Again.  Because local is better – for sperm and for food and for businesses.  Because the right folks asked the right questions at the right time.  Because creating family happens through biology and through love (and some needle-less syringes in my case).

How about a re-cap, for those of you who haven’t read and memorized my archives.  Which you should definitely do – there’ll be a quiz tomorrow.  Oh, let’s do it as a list!  Yay!  Lists!

  1. frozen donor #35 – nice guy, I’m sure, but damn he was expensive and had to come via fed-ex, who I hate
  2. fab French gay boy – local (yay!) and generally accommodating, but wigged out about me or my family hitting him up for money. Yes, clearly, he doesn’t know my family  He read one too many stories about the donor sperm case in PA (which has sense been over turned) and ran for the hills.
  3. so good as to be unbeatable by a stick donors – amazingly dear friends who stepped up to the plate and offered genetic material.  Sadly far away.  I was loathe to give up the idea of making them part of my extendo-fam, but fed-ex – have I told you how I hate them?
  4. new and improved local guy – local.  Therefore great.  Also, according to excellent sources stunningly good looking and possessed of a high IQ (this is donor gold, y’all).  We might also note his fashion sense, general charm and sense of humor.  And his excellent spouse, which makes him 500% the perfect donor.

And, no I am not telling you who he is.  So there.  Heh.


9 Comments on “switch”

  1. LB says:

    It’s me!

  2. cho-girl says:

    um, I thought it was me?

  3. vee says:

    New and improved? Local? Handsome? Smart? WOO!

  4. jay says:

    i know who it is. i have the magic eye! be warned ;o)

  5. gypsygrrl says:

    woo & hoo for new & improved!
    (and for No More Fed-Ex)

  6. the injector says:

    local is so much better all around.
    now, how close is local? down the block? across town? from the next town over?

  7. fatbiscuit says:

    i can’t even pretend to have any guesses. just sending luck and best wishes.

  8. yup, another sara says:

    Congrats! He sounds great and now you will not have to deal with FedEx shit anymore! Local rocks!

  9. Olive says:

    OOh, he sounds lovely, congrats. I’m jealous you don’t have to deal with fedex.

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