dinner post, as requested

Alternate Title:  What Happens When You Forget To Take Pictures As You Cook And Let Someone Else Hold the Camera.

The temporary ex-pats in Edinburgh called for a food post.  Poor dears, they must be hungry.

Last Saturday at the market, I found my self suddenly flush with cash.  Woo!  I ran into The Employer of The Month, aka the Kingpin, and she handed me a wad o’ cash.  There went my market budgeting technique.  Usually, I leave when I run out of money.  So there I was with said wad o’ cash – what to do?  I bought meat.  Skirt steak to be exact, from Wolf Creek, with the intention of doing…ah… something with it.  Mainly, I was just excited to have a tidy little roll of steak to carry home.

So there was that, as a start.  And then there was a girl who needed to come over and have dinner.  And there were tomatillos and onions and cilantro and chilis for salsa, which my small auxiliary red head helped to make, but didn’t eat (“too spicy!”).  And there was my grandma’s Spanish Rice and sliced cucumbers and goat’s cheese from the goat cheese man. There was a giant mango for dessert that was so ripe it dripped all over my lap when I cut it up outside.  Not local, but shipped direct from a real person – unknown to me, but still!  A real person.  It was fucking good, that mango

But I forgot to take pictures until I was done with all but the steak, so I handed off the camera while I finished up.  Caption suggestions welcome, of course.  Now stop making fun of how short I am. I am sure you’ve got cabinets you can’t reach at your house, too.

The steak was marinated in lime, chili pieces, cumin, salt and oil.

Local chips!  So good.  Green beans and salsa aren’t worth mentioning because the green beans were old and tough.


9 Comments on “dinner post, as requested”

  1. LB says:

    I had veggies and rice.

  2. Clemency says:

    I am taller than you, it’s true, but my gastrocnemius muscles aren’t nearly as good.

  3. johnny gee says:

    first–let’s get past the ridiculous idea of not making fun of how short you are. 15 years of “she’s practically lifelike…just pick her up and slip her in your pocket” down the tubes? not on my watch.
    second–speaking for some of the edinburgh ex-pats…yes, we are grateful. no, we are not hungry. or, if we are, it’s our own fecking fault. a sample from the last 48 hours:
    1)scottish game pie: from the farmer’s market, with flaky crust and rich brown meaty indistinguishable filling that the label tells us is brandy, red deer, and partridge (all wild grown–yes, even the brandy).
    2)raspberries o’god: now with extra crack. british berries in season? better than anything that’s been in your mouth lately.
    3) mither’s shortbread: ohhhhh….the butter. how little flour does it take to hold together that much british farm butter? not much.
    4)anything from pret: or, better still, everything from pret. the legendary fresh food vendors at pret a manger have crayfish salad or bacon roll or avocado wrap or…cheap (if you pretend it’s dollars, not pounds, which you must for preservation of fiscal sanity), made fresh every hour, and the best fast food on the planet.
    5)henderson’s salad table: i think i brought starr hill girl the cookbook from this venerable vegetable slapeteria a few years back. so–dig it out shg, and get on some metric converting cookery.
    6)cheese, cheese, cheese: from mr. ian mellis, cheesemonger extraordinaire. wheels of cheese the size of car tyres (stop that spellcheck–we’re in scottyland). smoked lancashire, coolea, and goat gouda are currently perfuming our tiny little frig. but not for long.
    so thanks very much for the posting; we’re grateful for the slice of home, but in no danger of hunger. gluttony; yes. poverty; almost certainly. hunger? not so much.

  4. Travelher says:

    Yum! I have to stand on my counters to reach the top shelves, so no making fun of you coming from here.
    Glad to see someone else cooks in a black slip. Hmmm…it could be a dress, but it looks like a slip from this side.

  5. Hey! Johnny Gee. No long distance showing off! Can you smuggle us something?

  6. Ahem. Some issues of note:
    a) yes, it is a slip. It’s fucking hot here. Let’s form a Cooks in Black Slips Club!
    b) there have been things in my mouth recently that are FAR better than British berries. Just sayin’.
    c) I am pleased that I know what a gastrocnemius is, even if my spell check doesn’t.

  7. yup, another sara says:

    Yea! I am very short too, so I am also a pro at figuring out how to get things off the top shelf when Renee is not home to help out. Everything sounds so great! Would you be willing to share your salsa recipe? We want to try to make our own (for the first time!) and I know you are a pro at this . . .

  8. Calliope says:

    I had NO idea that you were vertically challenged. It is, I must confess, a bit shocking to me as your personality is that of a very tall person. And I only say that because I am, myself, a very tall person.

  9. the injector says:

    excellent meal.
    nice kitchen colors.
    and i love the slip.
    shortness is a virtue!

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