my weekend ambitions

Clem (aka The Girl Scouter – heh) has shamed me into making a list of the shit I might ought to get done this weekend.  She thinks that a semi-public list will aid in motivation.  Oh, how little she knows my mad procrastinating skillz…..

I do love a list, though (updated Sunday, early afternoon):

  1. go to the market, gossip with LB and the KP about “things”
  2. feed neighbors’ very old cat – at least 2x 1 more time today and once tomorrow
  3. change sheets
  4. clean the bathrooms
  5. move chair out of north bedroom so the new-guy roommate can move in
  6. clean floors downstairs
  7. finish painting the mf mudroom so I can put all the crap in there that is supposed to go in there in there
  8. nap
  9. flea treat kittens
  10. empty and refill litter box
  11. put away laundry
  12. pass box of power tools to the New Girl
  13. have coffee with C (actually it was a late lunch)
  14. nap (hey!  I’m tired!  I’ve been staying up too late.)
  15. cook
  16. deal with pile of paper by the computer

Let’s take bets on which of these will actually get done.  I bet on 1 (since it’s already done), 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 15.  In fact, if I get started on #8 right now, I might be able to cross it off my list by noon and move on to #14.


3 Comments on “my weekend ambitions”

  1. I have been known to procrastinate on a nap even! Just sayin.

  2. kp says:

    i’m not sure you can check that gossip off the list. we ain’t done!!

  3. Clemency says:

    How is it you didn’t get the second nap done? CJ, I’m disappointed in you 🙂

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