as if i’ve been doing it all the time

Look!  A food post!  Dinner on the internets.  Just for you.

Last night was the Thursday version of T Tuesday.  We ate at home, because it’s expensive to eat out all the time, yo.  Plus the bounty of produce is upon us like a plague of locusts.  Anyway.  T came and K came with her breast pump backpack and LB said she wasn’t coming because she needed to go home but lo and behold, a big van rolled up into Starrhill and there she was.  Changed her mind, I guess.  The lure of T and K is great and far reaching.  I got the LB’s boyfriend to eat, too.  He’ll do anything if you call him by his full name, he will.

Lord, there was a lot of food.  T came with tomatoes and cucumbers and sweet risotto with poached peaches and macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and beets and the biggest hunk of cheese you ever saw.  I’d made fingerling potatoes with salt and olive oil, empanadas (cabbage vehicle!), kholrabi pickles, steamed shrimp, and there was bread and cucumber water and toasted rice tea and wine.  Whew.  There was a picture, but WordPress makes pictures hard, so you’ll have to use your imaginations.

See just like NaBloPoJuly.  Only lamer.

7 Comments on “as if i’ve been doing it all the time”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    omg. that sounds deeelish.
    i had silver queen corn here… woulda brought it if you told me it was yummy dinner thursday night!!! hehehe

    wordpress can make everything hard sometimes. darnit for being where all the cool kids are, eh?


  2. jay says:

    will you move to our village? please?

  3. yup, another sara says:

    You need to move to my neighborhood! This sounds awesome! Plus, if we had a neighbor like you, we’d be tempted to eat out less (cause we could just come to your place)!

  4. reproducinggenius says:

    It looks from the comments here like you need to have homes in all corners of the globe. Perhaps you could give us each a season because we need you to move here to wine country too. We’ll share all kinds of lovely local California produce with you. It’s downright CRAZY this time of year.

  5. theclitremedy says:

    Yeah, you need to move into my neighbourhood, too. I am so frigging over winter vegetables. And winter in general.

  6. gypsygrrl says:

    or…you really do need to open up your Starrhill Lesbian B & B ~ so we can all vacation with you for a week or so…

    sound good?

  7. your food is more interesting than anything i’ve EVER eaten. cook for me, yes?

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