I do, really I do.

Forgive me, Readers, it has been a million days since my last blog post.  For penance, here’s a list of what to do with cabbage.

  • sauerkraut.  Yes, it works and yes, it’s good.  No, there are not yet pictures because I cannot get it together to take shit off my camera.  I used this recipe, because I had whey left from the cottage cheese adventure, not because I think Weston Price should run the world.  (Also, that recipe link is a little god-crazy for my tastes, just so you know.)
  • coleslaw.  I used to not like it.  Not like I hated it, but it just wasn’t on my faves list.  But recently, I’ve had several good versions and I was charged/volunteered to bring a vegetable to my cousin’s birthday dinner and these days vegetable = cabbage and it’s fucking hot so coleslaw it was.  And it was not bad.  I used the food processor to shred the cabbage (red and green) and the sweet (ish) onions.  Food processors win.  There was some basil (again with the “I have it so I’ll use it” theme) and some salt and pepper.  And mayonnaise and vinegar and off I went on my merry way to the birthday event.  I “forgot” the leftovers.  Oops.
  • summer rolls.  Nothing like J’s – nothing I tell you – but still pretty damn good.  Again, they were a cabbage vehicle.  There were rice paper wrappers and cellophane noodles in the pantry (such as it is) and I took my Current Morning Child Who Looks Like A Cupcake up to the fish store by my house and bought a half pound of shrimp for $4 and only used half of that to feed 2 people with these rolls.  (Note to self – eat more shrimp.)  So there were noodles and shrimp and cabbage and cucumbers and basil all rolled up, messily, in the pretty, pretty rice paper wrappers.  So fucking easy.  I swear, summer rolls are my new favorite hot weather dinner.  It didn’t hurt that I took them over to a friend’s house to eat and that friend has a pool.  Lessons learned from the summer rolls:  shrimp is cheaper than you might think if you get the small ones; using the rarely used mandoline for the cucumbers is great and may result in more use of the mandoline; swimming is a really good way to cool off.

And I still have 3 heads of cabbage in the fridge.  More sauerkraut tomorrow.  I’ve also been freezing peaches, corn, cooking greens and over processing yogurt (bah).

There is cheese making coming up, maybe.  Just ask anyone. Or somebody else.  Yes, this assumes many, many things, largest looming our collective ability to get it together, but I, for one, have faith.

4 Comments on “iou”

  1. sorenson says:

    we get a lot of cabbage in our weekly vege co-op box. so thanks for the ideas! a great thing to do with red cabbage is cook it german style, with apples and onions and spices (i think bean just googled a recipe). it tastes fantastic and freezes really well.

    and i am in awe of your preserving mojo. one day i’ll pull out that fowlers from under the house…

  2. elsie says:

    Have I mentioned that you are so my canning/freezing hero? Gad. I have managed one stinkin’ quart of okra pickles this year. I need to freeze some of my peaches and I hope to get some greens going for fall, but honestly, it is all so time consuming….

    Can’t wait for cheese. Have milk, will travel.

  3. j says:

    make kim-chee

  4. The injector says:

    hmmm…never used any whey in my kraut. let me know how that tastes.

    keep up the good food storage work!!

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