Or, Good News, if you’d rather.

Check it out.

Yes, yes, it’s early.  Yes, there’s still the beta to be had and the million other hurdles to be jumped.  But JFC, I could not be any happier for you, Cali. Looks like you went and got yourself knocked up, girl.  Woo and hoo, as we like to say around here.  Woo and fucking hoo, babe.  I’d throw some exclamation points in there, but I’m a smidge weepy, because it is about fucking time.  Go throw her some love, y’all.

5 Comments on “gospel”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    this doesnt count as your blog quote for the day…mmmkay? i am sure cho-girl will agree with me… or not. but you might have to post another blog entry to argue over it with me…

    glad you love me or i might be worried some CLAW women would be headed to arm-wrastle me…

    gypsy (very sassy after my twirling for cali)

  2. gypsygrrl says:

    ohh dear lord… look at the links to the “possibly related posts” ~ good stuff.

  3. reproducinggenius says:

    Loving the “possibly related posts” here. Holy hell.

    I’m still twirling for Cali. This is a beautiful time.

  4. Calliope says:

    thank you sweetie!
    sending you a jedi mind message right now…


  5. Clemency says:

    Oh, yeeeeeeaaaah.

    It’s too wonderful. I thought just then for a second that it was you, though. When is Pee Day for you? It’s about fucking time, all right.

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