in no particular order

*I’ve been putting up food like, um, like….something.  Frozen blueberries, cherries, broccoli, and kale all stacked up in the freezer.  The preserved lemons and sauerkraut turned out well and are done fermenting and pickling and are now at home in the fridge.  My neighbors are giving me their box of local produce the week after next when they go to the beach, so I’m all set to blanch and freeze away.

*July is a good time for iced tea and I came across this, while looking for stuff about kombucha (so good, but wow, it seems like a lot of trouble to make).  So there’s rice cooling on a plate right now.  I need to go finish it up.

*there are new  babies – here and here.  The former being here in Virginia.  I got called to be at the birth, because they couldn’t find their friend who was supposed to be there.  Lucky for me!  And lucky for the friend, she skidded in about 4 minutes before the baby came.  Additionally, yay!  Cakie has a brother!

* LB and I had the most amazing dinner yesterday, post The Birth (yes, it only took the middle portion of the day, this birth – noon to 12:53 to be exact – there was time to do all sorts of other things).  We had big-eye tuna bits sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper and yellow squash with rainbow chard and garlic scapes.  You’ll just have to believe me that it was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.  Honest.

*then we had gimlets on the back deck with IB because that’s how we roll around here.

Ok, four of those five items were about things you can put in your mouth, so there’s my NaBloPoJuly for today.  Pictures of the sauerkraut and company coming, I swear.


6 Comments on “in no particular order”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    all that good food…
    i wish you were my neighbor!!!

  2. The injector says:

    yay. to good food and putting up food for the keeping and later eating.

    We had a gimlet weekend too, how funny and appropriate. vodka or gin gimlets for you all?
    for us gin and fresh lime juice with muddled sugar–yum yum.

  3. Travelher says:

    Still so jealous with all of your posting about porches and decks and stuff. You are doing well at keeping up with all of summer’s bounty, that’s for sure.

  4. reproducinggenius says:

    I want to be you when I grow up. I wish I could get myself to do all the freezing and canning you do. In fact, I just need to do it.

  5. theclitremedy says:

    Happy birth days! The time I was with my best friend when she birthed her son was one of the highlights of my life….also a very hard day, physically and emotionally. Went for a bit longer than yours though…about 30 hours.

    No gimlets here, just waaaaaay too much red wine. Too many preservatives, too much goddamn hangover.

  6. yup, another sara says:

    Damn! Every post you write makes me want to come over and eat at your place! We’ll no doubt be trying to find ways to store some of our CSA haul this year, so I will be coming to you for advice!

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