preserved lemons, the why? version now with real answers!

What do you do with preserved lemons?

Well, eat them.  They’re a Middle Eastern condiment/ingredient – think tangines and such.  Now, before you go asking me for a tangine recipe, I’ll tell you that I just have them on the side when I make lentils.  Or on the side with pretty much anything.  I love a sour salty side. You’ll want to rinse them, to get rid of the excess salt, before you eat them.  That is, once they’re done stewing (ok, not stewing, really pickling, but you know what I mean) for several weeks, and you put them in the fridge to keep for longer, then you might, one night, as your lentils do their thing on the stove, say to yourself, “hmmm, how about some preserved lemons?”  And then you’d take out one from the jar and you’d rinse it and then cut it up into bits and put it next to your now-finished lentils.  And you would also say, “damn, SHG uses a lot of commas, sometimes incorrectly.  Poor girl.”  And then you’d sigh and eat your dinner.

Alternatively, you take your preserved lemons over to Hard Girl’s and she makes you a fabulous chicken tangine while her family entertains you with cuteness and good stories.

Ok, so I am determined to make sauerkraut today.  The cabbage is taking over the kitchen and I have whey from making cottage cheese.  I just need to haul out the mandolin…..

Come over and help!  Yes, LB, I mean you.

p.s. – those pics yesterday were so out of focus – yikes.


3 Comments on “preserved lemons, the why? version now with real answers!”

  1. Margie says:

    So you eat the whole thing? Peeling and all? Interesting!

    You’re certainly the “from scratch” kind of girl if you’re making cottage cheese and sauerkraut at your house. How fun!

  2. Tricia says:

    I thought the blurriness was to highlight how crisp and beautiful the last photo was. It worked for me. I scrolled down and said, “wow”

    Also, my little lame new blog will host a tagine recipe today, using preserved lemons. But give me a little time to type it in.

  3. Calliope says:

    wait- you eat the rind too?

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