technical probs

Clearly, I am too stupid for WordPress.  But don’t fret.  Cali will save my ass, I’m sure.

Here are some things to do meanwhile:

Heh.  (not for the sensitively-religious, but yes, you do want to check out the whole damn – literally – site)

bonus food stuff (Good lord, the girl can type “rabbit pie” with a straight face! Let’s just bump up her stats a little, yes?)

More soon, I swear.


2 Comments on “technical probs”

  1. mrsbluemont says:

    Angi and I just spent the last 10 minutes reading the Post-Rapture Post site and laughing so hard, my belly hurts.

    Thanks for starting my Saturday off right.

  2. Calliope says:

    that site is the awesome.
    & read your effing e-mail! (hopefully I solved it for you)

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