Look!  Two posts, one day!

My kittens have fleas.  : (  You know it’s sad if I’m using emoticons.  Poor kitties.  Poor me, trying to bathe them.

Out of the List O’ Things from today’s earlier post, I got 3 done.  That’s three, y’all.  3 out of 3.  Lemons, preserved (pictures to come).  Chickpeas, sausage and chard, cooked (and eaten).  Amish Friendship Bread, fed and put in jar.  Yes, cursed is the term for this bread.  I think it will be haunting me for a while.

In other food news, I bought rings for some old blue glass mason jars in prep for sauerkraut storage.

I (finally) worked on my blogroll and other links over there in the side bar.  Did I forget you?  Tell me if I did and I’ll fix it.

Lunch:  my lunch schedule has been weird – more brunch-y.  Today was scrambled eggs with refried beans and corn tortillas.  And coffee.

Did you notice all the fab salad dressings that showed up in the comments for the last post?  It’s like a little cookbook!  Yay!

Lucky for me, the kittens still love me even after I torture them with a bath.


4 Comments on “2-fer”

  1. Olive says:

    Poor, adorable kitties!

  2. Calliope says:

    awwww! nice interweb pose you’re working there 😉

  3. mrsbluemont says:

    i’m such a sucker for a girl with mason jars.

    sorry about your poor kitties.

    i think you should rename the bread. it’d catch on because you make everything cool.


  4. gypsygrrl says:

    they are honestly blue glass mason jars?
    BLUE? i want one. or at least a photograph… i have a thing for mason jars.

    and well. a blue one would be lovely…
    so take a pic and lemme see…ok?
    pretty please?

    oh…have you e-v-e-r had me on your blogroll? hmph.

    NAME: gypsygrrl -or- kisses & compliments
    BLOG: http://kissesandcompliments.com

    do i seem demanding of you today? 😛
    you know i love you to pieces…


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