Leftovers – yay.  From here.  Pork tamale with beans (black, but everything else was so good we’ll over look that) and rice.  Log your lunch, please.

Also, I heart my RE.  I really do.


5 Comments on “lunch?”

  1. N says:

    Chicken salad (poached chicken, walnuts, apples, with mayo & yogurt & herbs etc) and potato salad (baby golds with mayo & yogurt & herbs & cheese & mustard powder). NOM.

  2. The injector says:

    leftover onion and cheese enchiladas from dinner at friends’ home last night, handful of peanuts, a bite of chocolate, and some earl grey tea.

  3. Travelher says:

    Julienned broccoli and carrot salad with pecans, grape tomatoes, cranberries and apples with a sherry vinaigrette dressing.
    Sauteed beet and swiss chard greens.
    Parmesan risotto with fresh peas.
    Pan sauteed chicken breast.

    I am so hungry today.

  4. Tricia says:

    A series of snack-sized samples from our Harvest of the Season nutritionist, who was testing recipes today:

    carrot/cabbage salad w/ raisins and sunflower seeds
    black bean dip with chard
    plum/yogurt parfait

    All delicious. Oh, and a bagel and cream cheese and some juice.

    I guess I’ll have that spinach salad with strawberries and cucumbers tomorrow …

  5. bri says:

    I want to log lunch but I won’t always remember and I don’t always eat lunch in any sort of lunchly way. But anyway, yesterday was a visit to Ikea and I had a kids’ macaroni and cheese and I thought Beck wouldn’t like it much plus he’s vaguely dairy allergic so I sucked the cheese off 3 noodles and left those to the side and ate the rest. And then he LOVED those noodles and I felt like a total asshole for eating it all up and leaving so little for him. And I had a salad but I didn’t get enough dressing and I couldn’t go back and get more because Beck was all invested in eating and we were all the way across the cafeteria from the dressing. It was cheap, at least.

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