What post yesterday? Oops. The heat seems to be back – I struggle to blog in the heat.

So some shit went down on the internets in the past few days. Whew. It seems to have passed now, but good lord. It was crazy. Crazy, I tell you. In a nutshell, a friend of mine (who I won’t link to until she says it’s ok – hint, hint) asked, quite nicely and clearly, if some folks over at FF (the site we love to hate) could take care with posting about their pregnancy-related drama. Posting said drama on a ttc board. And they wigged. Wigged and soooo over-interpreted what she, and then a couple other people, said. And posted lengthy, blinky-laden, “positive” energy filled (N.B. sarcastic blogging there) rants about why they were being kicked off the ttc boards. So stupid. They weren’t. Anyway, it was ugly – there was whining on the part of adults (wah, you don’t want me, wah), there was snottiness (harumph, how dare you ask me to be aware of other people and how what I do affects them?), and “The Secret” was invoked (because clearly lack of pregnancy after more than a day of trying is directly correlated to lack of ability to correctly Manifest One’s Dreams, or some such bullshit).  And the child-like sense of entitlement – jfc.  How grown people can make it through life thinking they can say and do whatever they like, with nary a thought to how other folks might feel is beyond me.

But then, like the climax of a bad Western, the Posse rode into town, cleaned things up and rode on out.  Who put the P in the IVP?

Oooo, internet drama – kind of like trashy tv.

Don’t know what a blinky is?  Count yourself blessed.

**** PSA: When speaking to people who are trying to get pregnant, do not ever, ever, ever indicate that if they just imagined/visualized being pregnant it would happen. They will stab you in the eye and then you will be out an eye.**********


10 Comments on “”

  1. N says:

    Our P is the best P.

    (who I won’t link to until she says it’s ok – hint, hint)

    does this mean you actually know where the mysterious blog is?

  2. vee says:

    I saw this shit over at the posse hangout – reminded me why I left the site we love to hate all those moons ago (though I was most upset not to still be a member as I couldn’t ride over with the posse).

    And I gotta say, you’re a kinder woman than me. Me, I go for both eyes!

  3. jay says:

    Ooh, you are scathing – I love scathing – and so, so right. Sigh. I avoid boards because I generally don’t like the structure, but mostly because blinkies make me CRAZY. And I mean CRAZY. So it’s probably good that I avoid them, right?

  4. lb says:

    Got no idea what a blinky is, but the name makes me want to stab someone in the eye. Love a good eye stabbing.

  5. Olive says:

    Internet drama is better than reality tv!

  6. yup, another sara says:

    I wush I could have saddled up and rode on in with you all, but I avoid FF like the plague! And I fucking HATE the Secret. I will personally kill (with my bare hands) anyone who indicates that any of this has been brought on by ANY of us.

  7. The injector says:

    i have no idea what the posse is or blinkies or other interesting nonsense, but i do so hate adult drama except if it is project runway or top chef…

  8. erstellen says:

    My fingers are still greasy from the popcorn.
    oh is it fun to watch the IVP swoop in.

  9. Calliope says:

    um. that last comment was from me…I was still logged on into my header sample area. doh!

  10. Eliza says:

    The Secret? I just threw up in my mouth a little. One time, in one of his lesser-medicated moments, my husband informed me that I would be healthy IF ONLY I WOULD EMBRACE THE SECRET!!! Apparently The Secret will cleanse me of my five genetic and three iatrogenic syndromes, replace destroyed tissue, give me a spankin’ new endocrine system and prolly do an overhaul on my attitude, too–AND YOU DON’T THINK IT’LL GET YOU PREGNANT? What the holy hell is your PROBLEM?

    **that was sarcasm, please don’t stab me in the eye with anything–I just had surgery on both of them last month and I’m a little jumpy lately about my eyes**

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