lunch, what lunch? how about pants?

Can you believe I forgot to log my lunch yesterday?  Summer has bitten me in the ass, y’all.  Truly.

My small, auxiliary red-head is back from her week long vacation, so I am “working” again.  So far this week, the boy kitten has napped with her both days.  This is like heaven for her.  Sophie, my pretend child, aka my pre-teen, original red-head, is just back from a weekend trip to NYC.  I have yet to get the highlights.

The Starrhill Lesbian Bed and Breakfast Collective (see my old Friendster profile) is currently occupied.  Occupied by the fabulous AJ.  Woo!  AJ!  Hoo!  So far we have:  had whiskey, caught up, sat on the porch, mirated kittens, had dinner, learned about the Quiverfulls (no I wil not “bless” them with a link), had mroe wiskey, and continued to mirate the kittens.  Fun!  You wish you were here – and I do, too.

Lunch?  How about lunch?  Not pants.  I mean, I am wearing pants…..  Anyway.  Yesterday was the last of a leftover fritta that was less than good at 5 days out.  I tossed it and had chips and salsa from the day before (not spicey enough, but the the chiles have yet to come in, so there you go).  Today was leftover breakfast from the diner – egg over easy on a biscuit with ham and a tomato slice with the best hash browns in town (original meal with cho-girl and largest cho-boy, the other smaller one, my tiny bf, was a camp at the SPCA, because he loves animals Teh Best).


3 Comments on “lunch, what lunch? how about pants?”

  1. yeah… its 11 but i am eating lunch anyway… leftover fresh pasta from the farmer’s market with green garlic, and onions from our csa. salad with veggies fresh galore from the csa including tomatoes, spinach, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, and banana peppers from our own little garden.


  2. lb says:

    Yesterday: Cukes sliced with vinegar and salt. Squash sauteed with spinach, garlic scapes, scallions and leftover rice. Today: Cukes and hard boiled egg sliced with vinegar and salt.peanut butter crackers and some chips.

  3. yup, another sara says:

    I had a ham and swiss sandwich on an onion roll (with mustard) and a peach!

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