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This summer is so lazy so far I can’t even get it together to blog. My small auxilary red-head is out of town, so I am living the easy life this week – my only commitment is to pick Sophie up at her camp bus stop in the afternoons. Whew. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it.

You’d think I’d be getting all sorts of useful shit done, like updating my blog roll or painting the new and improved mudroom, but no, that’s not how we roll here in Starrhill. The CHO’s have been visiting a good bit, to see the kittens – the smallest CHO, my tiny bf, *loves* animals. They find me a slack pet owner, though, as I don’t have any cat toys, so they brought me the toy mouse they’d gotten my little black girl cat when she was having her spa week chez CHO. I am actually feeling pretty ok about her death – a week-long spa and then dying in bed sounds like a pretty good way to go, if you’ve got to go.  Although I do walk in the house and expect to see her.

I had the speediest dinner ever last night with the neighbors (eat and run – we let ourselves be rude to each other like that) and then got sucked into the vortex that is LB’s porch. See she’s got this new place – a high up, charming apartment in an old brick house – and it has a tucked away, high up porch. That sucks you in and then you’re stuck. Stuck I tell you! It’s one of those places where you go, thinking I’ll just stay for a minute…. and then – WHAM! – it’s 2 in the morning. Ok, actually, it was 1:30, but you get the picture, right? It’s just so nice there that though you might try your hardest, but you just. can’t. leave. Kind of like heaven might be, I bet.

The kittens met the big cats today. It wasn’t terrible. The stripey old man cat seemed slightly put off and confused. The bad cat, the calico, was slightly irritated. Probably with me. All in all, rather uneventful. The kittens had the run of the downstairs for most of the morning and then were soooooo tired they took a nap with me on the big girl couch. Being a kitten is hard work.

Umm. This was supposed to be a longer post. Oops. I’m going to try to pull off a password protected post shortly – woo! New Skillz. It’s IVP-only, so you IVP kids can email me at starrhillgirl at gmail, but I’ll distract all you other folks with pictures of the kittens. Yay! Kittens!

And lunch: yesterday – black berry pie with custard sauce and chips and salsa; today – left over Clean-The Fridge-Frittata and cucumbers with I’s fab green goddess dressing. Local count – berries in the pie, some components in the salsa, the chips (not made by me, but still local), Egyptian oinions (like scallions), garlic, greens mix, eggs, oregano, goat’s cheese and baby swiss in the frittata (that’s a totally local dish, minus the oil), cucumbers. Log your lunch, y’all. Food is good.


3 Comments on “what title”

  1. mrsbluemont says:

    Your food sounds so yummy. Wish I had a porch for you to come get stuck on. I’m glad the kittens are doing well and that you are doing ok too. You sound good love. xo

  2. Calliope says:

    I wanna summer vacation!
    can I come to summer camp on your porch?

  3. Travelher says:

    Ah I miss kittens and porches. Specifically this fabulous porch in Old Key West where I lived and these kittens who are now…16 years old!
    You sound good, I’m happy for you.

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