I didn’t intend to bring them home yesterday. It just happened. And no, they are not to replace the little black cat – you can tell because they are smaller and less black then she was. No names yet. Taking pictures of kittens is hard.

7 Comments on “oops.”

  1. jay says:


  2. creatingmotherhood says:

    you got KITTIES!!!!

  3. lb says:

    U should tell the story of the Kitties. Like, how fun it is spending time with me. How crazy our friend with kitties is.etc.

  4. reproducinggenius says:

    KITTENS! I love an accidental kitten acquisition. It used to happen more regularly around our house. It almost happened again at Pride this weekend. Oh but kittens are wonderful, aren’t they. Sooooo cute and fuzzy!

  5. fatbiscuit says:

    i want them!!! so fluffy!

  6. veeandjay says:

    Cuteness! With sticky out hair, no less!

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