Salad. Lettuce mix from the farm, cucumbers from the Latino guy at the market, peas from the farm, I’s fab dressing, which I will post the recipe for as soon as I make some.

Log your lunch.



7 Comments on “lunch”

  1. i didn’t know you moved i had missed you…. So lunch today I will log before I eat it because i am excited about it. I am going to a vegan/veggie place next nearby. I am going to have an egg salad sandwich on local wheat bread or a mock tuna salad sandwich. I will top either off with a switch beverage and vegan punmpkin bread… YUM. I can’t wait.

  2. Clemency says:

    black pepper stir fry beef with vegetables and steamed rice, courtesy of the hospital cafeteria. Nice, I don’t think.

    Congrats on your new kitties! How lovely for you! I suggest Gertie and Alice (no bias, of course)

  3. creatingmotherhood says:

    can I have Sarah’s lunch? egg salad on wheat sounds good!

    I am having either leftover chow mein or a lean pocket. good times

  4. cho-girl says:

    lunch? we just finished breakfast. Leftovers will be lunch – mystery bulk flour with flax meal, eggs, milk and blueberries = delicious waffles.

    Your banner makes me want to travel – there just aren’t enough tunnels here.

  5. lb says:

    Will have. Farm spinach sauteed with crazy garlic snape/snope/snakes? Also, farm squash and cous cous.

  6. Travelher says:

    Well, lunch sucked today. I had a meeting with a catered lunch (free lunch is good…usually) and they had the worst wraps ever. Gag.
    Dinner will be better b/c I’m making stir-fry with shrimp, sugar snap peas, broccoli, bok choy and carrots. Yum.

    So glad to have you back! WordPress is better…even tho I haven’t moved…yet.

  7. Tricia says:

    boring ol’ turkey sandwich.

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