lunch etc.

This morning, I made it to the market before the crowds! Woo! The crowds, they show up earlier and earlier as the years go by. Time was, if you got to the market by 9 am, you were gold. Not now. 7:15, baby. After that it’s wall to wall people and suv strollers and all the good stuff is gone. I’ll take pictures next week, Mrs. B, I swear.

But on to lunch. A leftover bagel sandwich from the local bagel store. Tuna with lettuce, tomato and swiss on a cinnamon raisin bagel. Sounds bad, huh? But it was surprisingly delicious.  Log your lunch, kids.

I spent the afternoon working Sophie like a dog painting the new and improved mudroom (not. done. yet.). Then we went to see Kung Fu Panda, which was great. Then we went to The Diner and ate pancakes and a hamburger for dinner. Guess correctly who ate what and I’ll take you to The Diner. We took books with us. It was kind of like heaven. I sure do love that kid.

Thanks for all the comments. It sure is good to be here.


3 Comments on “lunch etc.”

  1. Clemency says:

    I went t’market yesterday morning at the worst possible time, and it was lousy with happy young impossibly good looking couples with spawn in multitudinous varieties of baby-carrier, and I left in a dim frame of mind. Have decided that avoiding fresh-produce markets is a good plan if you don’t want to feel like the wallflower. You are stronger by far than me.

    Who is Sophie? I have been reading your blog for a while but can’t quite figure it out. Relation or friend?

    Left-over lamb and vegetable pie, and I am about to get stuck into my favourite snack in the world, Meredith dairy fresh chevre with tomato salsa rice crackers. Mmmm.

  2. Calliope says:

    eggs on toast for lunch today with garlic pepper. mmmmmm….

    When my Mother was in Law school (I was in grades 2-4) we would go to a local diner and she would eat and study and I would eat and read. Even coming home for holidays and having a casual meal with my entire family was usually all about being together but in our own worlds. Grandfather would be reading the WSJ, GM would be going through magazines, Uncles would be reading sci fi novels, Mother would be elbow deep into some mystery and I would be there with my sweet valley high or babysitter’s club.

    I think at the top of my giant list of things to have in this life is a kid that I can read a book at the dinner table with.


  3. Hey from this wordpress girl to a new wordpress girl!! Way to go on making the switch!!!

    Hey, I read about your kitty cat passing away. i’m sorry. i’m sorry the others are sick too. hoping they are better soon.

    And the VA heat – gosh. isn’t it awful??? today is heaps better then the last few days.

    Oh, and lunch. Pineapple & cheese pizza. SURPRISE! Gosh. Every time I check your blog, I’ve eaten that. It’s embarrassing actually 😉

    xo Hoping for good things for you soon girl.

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