Yeah, you read that right. Woo and not hoo.


12 Comments on “CD1”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    love you anyway!
    been MIA blogging cuz i cant log into WP to save my life. and of course i have had THREE WEEKS of No School Time to write and ramble and prattle on and on.

    sending you hugs!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Just said fuck over at the IVP but came over here to say fuck again. And again. Fuck. Sorry.

  3. vee says:

    Fuck. And it.
    You should blog more.

  4. jay says:

    bollix. i am sorry.

    and yes, you should blog more. some of us find messageboards labyrinth-like! xx

  5. N says:

    Shit. *hugs*

  6. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    Fuck. FuckFuckFuck. I’m so sorry love. Come over for some Southern Comfort.

    And like they all said, blog more.

  7. the injector says:

    be well.

  8. timaree says:

    Yep, I’ll agree with the PPs on all counts:

    Fuck this. Blog more. We miss you around these parts.

    So sorry about this. xoxo

  9. eggdance says:

    damn– I’m sorry. I’ve missed your blogging!

  10. gypsygrrl says:

    PS ~ blog more.

  11. cho-girl says:

    see you soon . . .

  12. my cowgirl alter-ego says:

    fuck. sorry honey. 😦

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