from princess to little camel: the update

Time was, the black cat (like how I maintain my pets’ internet anonymity?) was somewhat princess-like. Not in a good way. Back in the day when I lived with LB, “princess” was a derogatory term in our house.

Anyway. We trundled off to the vet this afternoon – crying all the way. Her, not me. She hates the car. The vet poked and prodded her for a good long while and examined the (2!) stool samples I’d helpfully brought in. And I stood there with my crying cat and waited. It turns out she was seriously dehydrated and has some intestinal parasite whose name I forget. He gave her some subcutaneous fluids* – which he described as making her “like a little camel” – two different kinds of medicine – liquid and pills – and told me to call on Friday to let them know how she is. Unless it gets worse. Which it seems to not be. She is on the couch with her brother, sitting in a sort of weird way, but she did just wash her face, which she hasn’t done in days.

Cat drama ended. Well, except for the doses of medicine. She loves medicine! Woo.

Also, I seem to be back at the theater. Woo!

*N.B. I did not administer, nor did I see administered, said sub-q fluids. Nor do I know if “sub-q” is short for subcutaneous. However, this link looks very informative, so if you need “sub-q” fluids for your pet, I just might be your girl.


5 Comments on “from princess to little camel: the update”

  1. vee says:

    Behold – the miraculous camel-cat!
    Hope she keeps on picking up.

  2. cho-girl says:

    um, I *was* going to be eating breakfast this morning.
    subcutanteous and parasites!
    whoo and hoo!
    Srsly, glad she seems on the mend.
    You could get a basin full of tadpoles in rain water in your living room – my cat can’t keep away!

  3. timaree says:

    Our boy cat was a camel-cat once. Those sub-q meds help them very quickly. Your black cat will be right as rain in no time.

  4. calliope says:

    soooooo glad kitty is on the mend. One of my Mom’s cat’s was seriously dehydrated and we had to give her IV fluids every effing night for 2 months. She had such a crazy hump of fluids that she would loose her balance. It was funny, I mean it is funny now, not then. Because what kind of sicko laughs at a sick cat.


    My sick kitty sends your sick kitty mad paw love.


  5. […] this week. Yes, the one who had the lovely week of luxury at Spa CHO; the one who’d been so sick earlier. Poor tiny girl. There were multiple trips to the vet and multiple medications and daily […]

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