and now….

Oh, right. I’m trying to conceive, not just thinking about lunch/pants.

So the femara, it seemed so good. Three follicles! I am a good responder. But then it was on to Teh Blood Work to see if femara would fix my luteal phase defect, aka not enough prog. Woo! Blood work! I am a pro, y’all. I can pump my vein up so good, Amir, one of the lab techs (the hardcore one) doesn’t even need to use a tourniquet. Hahh! I am a blood work winner. Or not.

Femara didn’t do shit for my prog levels. There were many phone calls and messages passed between me and Martha, keeper of all knowledge, about when I’d go see my friend Amir, and what my prog levels meant in terms of seeing Amir again (my RE wants prog levels checked at 5, 7 and 9 dpo – he’s thorough – and there’s no co-pay to go to the lab and I’m a blood work star – see above – so I’ll go get stuck as often as needed, although I don’t always get to see Amir) and they all added up to one thing – femara does not equal increased progesterone for me. At least not at the level at which I took it this most recent time.

In one of the many messages my boss took down (Martha is her BFF now), the options were laid out for me – up the dose of femara or come in for a consult. Well, crap. I don’t really like either of those options, so I made my own: Same dose of femara plus my old friend prometrium, which we know fixes my luteal phase defect. Good old Martha, she ran it by the RE and left me (yet another) message at school saying that would be fine and I should call for my early cycle wanding just as soon as I start bleeding (this is not an exact Martha quote) and that there would also be other “options” to be discussed at said wanding. Hmmmm….. looks like I get a bonus consult along with the wanding. Fab. That’s only one co-pay to deal with. Plus going to the RE doesn’t count in my book unless they stick something in me, so consults alone are lame-o.

So I am still hoping for an insem next cycle (i.e. in the next couple-few weeks). Word on the fertility street is that the IUI washing machine might be ready. But if that “might be” turns out to be “is” I might be running into Sperm Issues. See, I’m not getting the goods from a sperm bank, I’m getting them from The Donors You Can’t Beat With A Stick. And most doctors are loathe to stick anything in a girl’s hooha that hasn’t been quarantined (ack! STDs! Age of Fear!) or didn’t come from her state sanctioned partner (never mind that those state sanctioned partners can do things outside of those state sanctioned relationships that might put a body at risk). My bio-tranzed goods do not meet either of those requirements. So far, the RE seems willing (he seems to have little truck with bureaucracy), but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? (Oh, stop worrying – my donor has no STD’s.)

Anyway, onward and upward. Or something.

ps – Is it weird to link back to one’s own blog? Discuss.


6 Comments on “and now….”

  1. eggdance says:

    I HATE this bullshit they put people through with known donors! It makes no sense at all! We thought about all of this until we gave ourselves headaches when we were still working with our kd– here’s hoping your doc is a renegade!

  2. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    Way to go hun. I think you’re ahead of the game and have lots of options. I like the way you mix match your meds. It’s like putting together a posh outfit. You’re full of pizazz.

    You really need to teach me how to be a blood work winner. I suck. They poke me over and over and send me from office to lab, from phleb to phleb. Weak veins and too many tattoos covering up the blue.


  3. calliope says:

    holy calamity you went on a posting spree! I am so damn behind, but wanted to make sure I got some good insem mojo sent your way.

    Neither clomid nor femara did bumpkiss for my progesterone but they did give me more follicles. Even injectible meds did diddly for prog. Turns out the only sure thing for good prog levels (aka no luteal phase defect) is prog supplementation. Yum.

    HOPE like hell your RE is able to look the other way on the KD stuff.


  4. Clemency says:

    o mi god, I hope you don’t have to deal with the same quarantine nightmares I do. Really, isn’t it amazing and touching, the faith that the State has in the fidelity of the married couple? Whereas we lesbians with nice male friends who want to give us sperm to help us make a baby…well, we’re just hotbeds of disease. Makes me mad.

    Good luck for the upcoming insem.

  5. Travelher and Pufferfish says:

    The quarantine period got us here in NY, so I hope that you have better luck. We ended up going to a bank b/c we needed to get the show on the road.
    It’s good to hear that things are progressing…
    Lunch: 1/2 of a veggie sandwich bought in an airport yesterday. I’m going to grill it and maybe it won’t taste too bad. I hate wasting food!

  6. Dolly says:

    Hey Miss StarHill,

    Would you mind contacting off-blog?


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