wednesday lunch

Last minute-thrown together this morning-almost dead lettuce salad with cucumbers (from home and snack leftovers) and a hard boiled egg dressed with olive oil, Bragg’s and lemon juice. Plus cold coffee from the morning (I heart leftover coffee so much). And chaos. There was a good bit of chaos at lunch today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Log your lunch, my friends.

Big ttc post coming. I swear.


6 Comments on “wednesday lunch”

  1. N says:

    Some TJ’s Chicken Salad, and a bunch of fruit. Today was a day of lots of fruit — even chocolate covered fruit. Yay for co-workers getting edible presents.

  2. Elsie says:

    Pork and eggplant at Taiwan Garden with Papa. Yummy and way too much food. It was lunch AND dinner.

  3. timaree says:

    Popcorn, with a smidge of butter, sea salt, and a bunch of nutritional yeast. It was not much of a meal day.

  4. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    1 pineapple. 1 bottle kefir. 1 dark chocolate bar.

    Yesterday was better. We roasted a chicken (a chicken!) Tuesday night for dinner. I picked off the left overs and made chicken salad sandwiches: add to bowl of shredded chicken pieces, creme fraiche, quartered cherry tomatoes, a bit of dijon, 2 hard boiled eggs chopped to bits, and a handful of shredded raw chedder. We ate it open face on homemade bread!

    Hope you’re well. My henna is still going strong. I think of you every time I peer at my belly! xoxo

  5. eggdance says:

    Ham and cheddar sandwich (with mustard) on an onion roll and strawberries!

  6. jessie says:

    PB&J. pathetic.

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