bad lunch/bad day

Saved, however, by Coffeez with cho-girl this afternoon. Ok, not coffeez exactly, but gelato milkshakes with shots of espresso.

Anyway – lunch was supposed to be an old container of hummus (stolen from my roommate) and some spicy flatbread. But no, I opened the humus container and it was moldy. So I tossed it. And had leftover carrots and celery from snack and my assistant shared her soup with me.

I do love this lunch logging, though. Thanks, y’all. Don’t forget to log your lunch.

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4 Comments on “bad lunch/bad day”

  1. Elsie says:

    Brie on a baguette chunk with homegrown arugula.

  2. cho-girl says:

    Since I was working, my lunch got packed for me. It was a surprise! I had: leftover pasta with shrimp and parmesan, 5 strawberries and a simple salad. I stole some lime vinaigrette from the work fridge and it was zesty!
    Um, Elsie, brie on baguette is my favorite lunch ever. But, ahem, you forgot the avocado.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Goopy veg sub from the Castle. Bonus: Cheetos. Will I ever lose weight?

  4. Tricia says:

    Bad lunch week. As in I keep forgetting to eat it, between meetings and running home to feed baby and stuff. Today I had an apple before rushing off to teach a college class (first time for me!). At 2:30 I ate a tiny taster salad of romaine and miner’s lettuce from the teacher’s home garden with tahini dressing. (The class was Food Systems Planning.) Then I had a sandwich at 4:30, but that doesn’t count as lunch so I’m not logging it.

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