thursday lunch, or are you sick of quiche yet?

Quiche. Again. With lentil/mung bean sprouts dressed in Bragg’s and lemon, because the ponzu is gone.
And yet, there is still more quiche. Spinach and leek and bacon cubes. Please come over and eat some.


5 Comments on “thursday lunch, or are you sick of quiche yet?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sheeesh. Do I have to tell this?

    * cream of broc soup;
    * salad with package ranch dressing;
    * grilled cheese on whole wheat;
    * peas and carrots;
    * mixed vegetables;
    * fruit cup for desert.

  2. Bowditch says:

    i haven’t been to visit you in a while starhill girl. I missed your sweet ‘voice’. Life is good down in the mountains and I send you thoughts of vegi burritos, rice and corn and a fresh sweet orange.


  3. N says:

    Mmmm, quiche. I’d love some.

    However, I had couscous salad.

    -Whole wheat couscous
    -Peppers (red, green, yellow)
    -balsamic vinaigrette

    I forgot to put onion or shallot in. Ooops…

  4. owl says:

    Have been waiting to have a lunch that didn’t consist of toast or 1 bannana so i can tell you!

    I had saganaki (with pregnant safe cheese) with squeezed lemon and field mushrooms with balsamic and other yummy flavourings.
    Pcat had a steak sandwich.
    Piggy had cheese soldiers…and refused to taste the interesting food on our plates (but happily put her crusts on mine!)

    oh! and a mango smoothie (pcat), vanilla milkshake (me) and chocolate milkshake (piggy)

  5. fatbiscuit says:

    peanut butter sandwich
    safeway-brand lemon-lime seltzer

    how sexy.

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