Oh, yes, my friends, I owe y’all a post. I do. There’s no news, though.

I’m back at work after a week of vacation. It’s fine. Work is fine.

Femara is also fine – no side effects and the pills are tiny and easy to swallow. There’s one left. I bought yet another box of opks (at $20 a pop I should have bought stock in the company) because I’ll need to go get wanded at the first sign of a surge. I fear the weekend will fuck me up here. But really, who the fuck cares because I’m not inseminating this cycle. Ok, I do care. As does my dear RE.

Old Clear Blue and I are on the outs. Again. It’s me, not her. Well, I guess as in any relationship, it takes two. There’s some debate about if monitors work when one is taking femara. So I am not to count on CB, which is no real hardship because I have such a long-standing, if non-monogamous, relationship with the opks. Plus, old Clear Blue did me wrong last month. Wrong. I never got a peak. Never. So I gave up. And here is where we get to my part in this downturn of our relationship – I did not ever hit the “M button” to reset everything for CD 1. Oops. So I did that this morning. Old Clear Blue says CD 6, but really, it’s CD 8. Clearly we have some communications issues in our relationship. Maybe some couples therapy…. Or maybe I could just fucking get knocked up already and past the motherfucker on to my ex gf.

Non ttc news – CLAW was great, and I am late with my Under Teh Table post, but I’ll get on it. My hair is dyed (and cut – whew!), but the tattoo has not materialized yet. This week, though.

4 Comments on “debt”

  1. J says:

    I have some of those same issues with the damn CB. My wifey said to throw it out the window. =)

  2. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    Why oh why don’t we live closer? I’d bring over wine and we could have a “Fuck you Old Blue” (pity) party. But fun.

  3. tiff says:

    I’ve heard about those things having issues. Sorry 😦

    I’m dying to see your new ‘do!! Pictures…please?

  4. eggdance says:

    I too have a checkered relationship with the CB Fertility Monitor. When I first got it, I loved it and wondered at the stupidity of everyone who was not using it. Then we had some cryptic interactions. A peak when I KNEW I was not ovulating, no peak at all when I knew that I was– needless to say, that thing has now been gathering dust on my bathroom shelf for quite a while. I think it’s over between us. And really, this time it’s not me, it’s her.

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