the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly

So there was the great post, all written in my head, about how today ran the gamut from bottom-of-the-barrel to woo-and-hoo! but I just finished figuring out how to post pictures over at wordpress for the CLAW blog and I am wore out, y’all. So, haha! I’ll give you a list and you can sort things into the good, the bad, and the SOOOOO-not-ugly your own selves.

  1. had very bad cold yesterday, as in very bad, causing me to miss brunch with some Crazytown extendo-family types and a memorial service that I really wanted to attend. Said very bad cold still present this am, but still I have to go to work because that is The Way It Is.
  2. scramble to find tylenol at the only store open between my house and school, because that is the only pain killer I can take in the ttw, and a pain killer will keep me from killing the children at school, where I should not be because of above-mentioned very bad cold but too bad because that is The Way It Is.
  3. cho-girl subs in my class and as a bonus to her greatness, brings me tylenol, because above-mentioned store only had the sinus kind or the allergy kind and those kinds will probably make my Baby the Possible have 3 heads and so I did not buy them, but drove to school near tears instead (crying in the privacy of one’s truck – or one’s dad’s truck – is far different from crying in front of Teh Public, plus, I said “near tears” not “in tears” see? I was sick! Cut me some slack.).
  4. half the staff of my school is out today – ok, not half, but 4 out of 14. No lie. But I get to teach with above-mentioned cho-girl, who is occasionally sympathetic but mostly just large and in charge of the children, which is just what the non-existent doctor ordered (things starting to look up here). Too much sympathy makes me woozy.
  5. manage to not kill any children at school, nor do I give them my very bad cold, because they must all be immune at this point, having already given it to me. Thanks, children.
  6. it rains. All day. We do not go outside, which means that I don’t have to wake up my nappers. More sleep = yay.
  7. Sandy, Sophie’s mama, is on the radio when I get in the truck after school (this is where things really begin to look up) and to sweeten the deal, Sophie is not too surly! That’s 3 days in a row! And is worth both of those exclamation points and this bonus one!
  8. my roommate makes enchiladas for dinner. Enchiladas which will also be my lunch tomorrow. It is nice to be hungry again.
  9. (the best for last) I got these in the mail today:

Thanks Mrs. B. Art saves lives, y’all.

4 Comments on “the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly”

  1. timaree says:

    Poor you! I hope you’re feeling better. There’s little worse than having to work whilst sick. I’m glad that people are taking care of you. If I could, I’d make you a batch of my super-garlic chili chicken soup. It kicks the sick right out of you (although it’s practically toxic to the healthy).

    Feel better!

  2. jay says:

    I am glad too. And I wanted to commend you on your bravery… I ALWAYS cry proper when I’m proper ill, and am impressed you were only “near” tears. Hugs and get well soon!! xx

  3. the injector says:

    you are funny. i like the way you take life’s yucky times and make laughter out of the mess.
    hope your cold is subsiding. be well . xo

  4. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    Oh darling, I hope you’re back to tip-top shape today. The week is still too long to be (almost) crying in cars on a Monday. Glad you like your sweets. Treat yourself (and Baby the Possible) to something decadent today. You both deserve it.


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