From the Crazytown kids. The KP called for answers in the comments, but I’ll run with it and make a meme anytime I can.

What’s On Your Nightstand?

Rules, rules, rules: post what you’ve got on the table (chair, nightstand, whatever) beside your bed. Leave nothing out. Nothing. Heh. Link back to the kind person who tagged you and then tag 3 other folks. Really tag them – none of this “whoever hasn’t done this meme yet” tagging.

*clock radio from Roses
*thermometer (*sigh*)
*Burt’s Bees foot creme sample tube
*Badger Sleep Balm, aka The Sleepy Beave (don’t ask)
*small lamp from the SPCA rummage sale circa 1995 with pink shade from Roses
*Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey sample bottle
*tiny pink claw clip that some kid put on my shirt at school
*orange sticker from Toys in Babeland, not yet stuck anywhere
*tie-tie, black (for my *hair* y’all, my hair)
*star charm from a necklace that was a gift for my 30th birthday
*votive candle, Newberry Holly scented, as yet unburned, but very dusty
*capped plastic test tube, empty (I already tossed the syringes and the catheter)
*handful of earrings I had to take out for surgery and have yet to put back in
*small Buddha statue, the Chinese style – tall and skinny with flowing robes – from my mama
*fancy paper clip with 90º corners instead of round bend-y ends
*dust and cat fur

What? No books? Nope, I keep the books in bed with me.

I tag….. ummmm…

The Injector who is tagged first to ensure that she’ll play along
Cali, of course – tagged with love
Mrs. B in hopes that she’ll send me some tiny art in the mail as a thank you for tagging her (subtle, no?)
J, who will forgive me for praying that she’ll say there are car racing magazines on her nightstand.

Oops. That’s 4. Oh, well.

ETA – comment away if you don’t *ahem* have a blog (*cough* Hard Girl*cough*)


One Comment on “meme-tastic”

  1. calliope says:

    I done did your meme.


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