some clarifications

I fear I have mislead you. I am not myself an Arm Wrestler. I am a Rule Keeper. That is, I watch to be sure no rules are broken under the table. My post is up now, over here, after some technical difficulties.

Also, I am not quite so nice as y’all think – my neighbor’s Condition means many things to me – both positive and negative. We’re tight, so it is generally positive, especially because they will at some point need infant-style childcare. Which, providing I knock myself up sooner rather than later, fits well into my financial plan, because I’d be the infant-style childcare. So the almost happy is actually pretty self-serving.

And, since I know you’ve missed hearing about my ovaries: I went to the RE’s today. It’s CD 10 and I’ve got one 10-11 mm follicle on the right and a nice 5 mm lining. “Good,” according to my RE, who it turns out, developed a way to check estrogen levels in blood back in the 70’s. Prior to this? Yes, my IVP friends, doctors did just what we’ve all done at home – looked obsessively at CM. Serious.


5 Comments on “some clarifications”

  1. the injector says:

    wow. you all are some serious arm wrestlers.

    good luck on the dropping of a special egg, etc.

  2. timaree says:

    I wish I could join in on the arm wrestling. That looks super fun.

    Here’s to that follie–hoping this is one uber-fertile egg!

  3. rosalicious says:

    God, it PAINS me that I can’t be there to watch mama do her arm wrastlin’!!

  4. gypsygrrl says:

    man, that looks like FUN!!!
    i wanna come down ~ maybe when school is out, eh?

  5. my cowgirl alter-ego says:

    Thank goodness for your RE. I really don’t anyone obsessing over my CM!

    Go follie!

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