hand-holder the bestest

And now I must sing The Song of Praises to cho-girl.

Kind beyond measure and able to read my mind in a single bound.
Possessed of calm in the face of my own misery and like to a beacon of light in the dark.
Speaker of several of the best languages and bellwether of Teh Internets.
Mama to my tiny BF and his brilliant brother, co-parenting with her Smoking One to near-perfection.
Cynical at all the right times, making perfect light of overly weighty situations.
Adept at toddler wrangling and crafting – all in the same moment.
Deliverer of the perfectly timed “ha-ha!” or “woo!”
Keeper of my humility, and often sanity.
If you don’t already have her, you know you want her.


4 Comments on “hand-holder the bestest”

  1. plump says:

    What a lovely tribute for a gorgeous friend. I want me a Cho Girl too.

  2. Elsie says:

    Aw. so very very true. Luckily, I already have her 😉

  3. LB says:

    Um, she IS a pick pocket though, you KNOW that , right?
    But who could get angry at her?

  4. cho-girl says:

    : *

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