mea culpa

Forgive me. It has been a million years since my last blog post.

But I have excuses! I had surgery! (I tried to use this excuse at work to get out of a parent meeting last week. No dice.) Yes, the sugery is over and done and old Polly is gone – peace, Polly. And really? No big deal. So not an excuse for not blogging.

The real excuse for not blogging is that I have been at a weekend long Labor Assistant Training. It was great, but I had no time to blog. I haven’t even read blogs or visited the IVP since Friday. Ack! But have I mentioned it was great? It was. Great for its own sake (very informative, not overly touchy-feely – which I feared – well run, inspiring) and also great because it reminded me that all this fertility shit isn’t just about getting pregnant, it’s also about giving birth and having that experience is part of why I am going on with all this crap. Anyway, this training is very, very good and if you get a chance to take it you should jump on it.

I promise a surgery post shortly. Promise.

Also? CD 1, y’all. I’ve got a meeting with the RE Tuesday. Let’s get this party started.

14 Comments on “mea culpa”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    missed you! dont be so absent again, k? :P~~ glad the farewell to polly went well!! look forward to hearing from you more often. *hint*

    i on the other hand have been a posting fool lately. ok, just this week.

  2. vee says:

    You’ve been gone too long. But you are forgiven. Good luck with your RE meeting tomorrow.

  3. jay says:

    missed you too! glad surgery went well, and good to have you back with us. good luck for the meeting! xx

  4. sara says:

    I want to hear more about the training! I’ve been thinking of doing it myself– I’m glad Polly is no more and that you are back!

  5. NotesFrom2Moms says:

    i want to hear more about the doula stuff… we are looking for one in richmond so any tips on what we should look for and ask would be appreciated.

  6. my cowgirl alter-ego says:

    Goodbye Polly!

    Welcome to CD1 and on to the party!
    I’m CD5, so I hope we’re cycle buddies! (That was totally geeky I know… I’ll go for something clever and cool next comment.It’s been a long, long day.)

  7. the injector says:

    welcome back from your very excusable silence.
    glad your surgery went well…and your training was good…here’s hoping to a string of luck with the re, etc…

  8. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    I wish I went to Doula Camp! At least we’re cycling together. We’ve got to be putting some exciting juju out there together. Maybe our juju will create a net in between us and cover all the ttc-ers in the fly over part of the states. Glad the surg went well. Look forward to the polly post! ox

  9. plump says:

    glad to hear that polly has left the building.

    y’know, I was speaking to a couple the other day who were ttc for 9 months, discovered a couple of their own pollys, had ’em out and conceived triplets on their next cycle! Crazy business.

    There’s hope for us all yet!

  10. plump says:

    P.S. Yay for more cylce buddies! CD2 here 🙂

    PPS – So jealous of the doula thing. Doula training is the first thing I plan on doing once I exit my post baby haze (whenever that may be!)

  11. calliope says:

    So long Polly, don’t the door hit you on teh way out.

    Can’t wait to hear how the RE appt goes today.


  12. Bowditch says:

    welcome back – i missed you too! can you translate for the lesser smartness of me: What is CD? And is it better to have a low number? RE is a doc, right?
    b (the confused)

  13. timareem says:

    We all missed you around these parts, but I’m glad to see you back, and I can’t wait to hear how your appointment went. It’s time you got back on this rollercoaster, girl!

  14. starrhillgirl says:

    For your edification:
    CD – cycle day, 1st day of your periodis CD 1
    RE -reproductive endrocronologist (fucking lack of spell check on this loaner machine!)
    And you see, by “your edification” I meant, “B’s edification”.

    Thanks, y’all. I love me some internets love. There are a mess of us cycling together this time – yay!

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