no show snow day

I am not at work. There are a whole host of children being denied educational opportunities today on account of Teh Weather. Which is cloudy and cold, but not much else. Ahem. Anyway.

So here at the coffee shop, things are fab. The internets were down at home so I took full advantage of my “snow” day and went out for coffee. Mmmmm….. coffee…..

Everyone in the IVP seems to be fucking sick to death of February, myself included, and so here are some plum blossoms to remind us that Spring Is Coming. Soon.


8 Comments on “no show snow day”

  1. calliope says:

    February can suck it.

    that is a great photo.


  2. timaree says:

    I love the plum blossoms. Beautiful. And I would like to see February take the expressway on out of here too.

  3. tiff says:

    Love that shot. Okay, it bites. I recognize that. Yay for coffee though eh? And drinks and tattoos. Loving all those things. But, February….yeah. Looking forward to Spring.

  4. plump says:

    oh no…the end of february means the end of summer for me. I do not want it to end. not one bit.

  5. Evren says:

    Which coffee shop? I miss Mudhouse! I really do! And I miss Cville when I think about it, which is not weird to you at all I bet C-Jo, but it would be to so many people! 🙂
    And of course, miss you!

  6. the injector says:

    now that we are up north where there is a lot of clean, beautiful snow–3 feet or so–i can tolerate february a bit more. But still, I cannot wait to plant things in the thawed soil.
    why did you have a snow day with no snow?

  7. Bowditch says:

    we did not have a non-snow day but the clamor of teachers eager for a snow day hit a fever pitch before abating into sullen working folks. Lucky me – I did fall into any of that false hope. This time any way. I love your blossom and am sorry for your waiting…waiting…waiting. I trust you will find meaning in it somewhere and all will, someday, be worth it. (70’s cat poster says: hang in there baby)

  8. amanda says:

    Mmmm coffee. And YAY for spring. Our cars are already covered in pollen around here, though–that kinda sucks.

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