many are the motherfucking obstacles in my path

No ttc this cycle (CD 11 today), nor likely any next cycle (CD 0 today). Bummer.

After last week’s fab HSG, I put in a call to my RE and had the usual lovely chat with Martha, the keeper of all knowledge. Her offical title is something like receptionist or appointment maker, or something. But this woman holds me, and I’d bet many others, in the palm of her sweet, southern-accented hand. She is the gate keeper to the kingdom of fertility. Which is to say, she sets up your shit with the RE. Which is to say she has your charts at her fingertips and she’ll whip them out, saying all the while, “now, just hang on….” She’s sweet and knows my name and we will never see each other. She is in a totally different building than the RE and to me she is now and always will be a voice on the phone.

Anyway, I called Martha The Gate Keeper Friday and she said to call back Monday once the results from the dye-job had been sent over and so I called Monday and for some reason I cannot remember nothing happened and so she called me back Tuesday and we tried to figure if my next appointment with the RE was “time sensitive.” To me it is, of course, but not really to my RE. He’s big into not hurrying, gathering as much data as possible and then, finally, moving forward. So anyway, the upshot of it all is that he thinks I should go ahead and have old Polly the Polyp taken out and one of the nice, nice, nice doctors from Friday’s HSG party is his friend and has been given the heads up about me and my fabulousness and so he is all set to go after old Polly with whatever one uses to remove such things. So after a trip through the university hospital’s phone system – a trip riddled with blind allies and dead ends – I got a phone a call back from Dr. S’s receptionist/gate keeper and she set me up an appointment for next Thursday. Woo! Right? Sort of. Thursday’s appointment is for a pre-op meeting. Mostly paper signing, according to the receptionist/gate keeper. From there we’ll set up the real-deal get that fucker out of there appointment. Lord. Which will be well into the next cycle, so no insems.

I’m struggling to keep up with all the good-for-me ttc shit – the temping and the pre-natals and the positive attitude. This feels like a break, damn it, but I had not planned on a break now. I had not planned on any more breaks at all in fact. This was the hell-bent-for-leather, throw-caution-to-the-wind phase of ttc that was going to end with a baby. But now I seem to be on a break. Back to the tattoo parlor and liquor cabinet with me.


15 Comments on “many are the motherfucking obstacles in my path”

  1. Lizzie says:

    Well, fuck.

  2. vee says:

    Breaks suck. Liquor helps. Tatts might too – I haven’t tried that!

    And I recently heard you should take a break from the prenatal vitamins every now and again – now seems like a good time?

    The temping and the positive mental attitude should go screw themselves, in my view.

    Arse to more waiting.

  3. calliope says:

    I will dust off a stool for you at the tattoo parlor. Breaks suck ASS- especially when you have not mentally prepared yourself for one or opted for one to preserve your sanity.

    But I am super glad that Polly is getting out of dodge.

    But bummin’ that this means a delay for you.

  4. jay says:

    SIGH. And hugs. Lots of them! xx

  5. mrsbluemont says:

    Well, shit. At least you’ll get Polly on out and maybe a smart tat before the next hell-bent jaunt. Sorry for the hold up hun. oxox

  6. anaccidentofhope says:

    I’m so sorry, enforced breaks are the worst. Enforced breaks because of SCHEDULING are even worse than that. Shall we get twinner tattoos?

  7. sara says:

    First of all, everything Vee writes sounds cooler because she’s British. Secondly, I. HATE. BREAKS. We are on the ‘miscarriage break’ right now and no matter how much I tell myself to enjoy the not peeing on sticks, etc., I totally do not enjoy it. But I do enjoy drinking.

  8. Jen says:

    UGH! What crap. I am so sorry. You’d think REs would GET IT, but nooooooo.

  9. the injector says:

    Live it up! What tat are you dreaming of?

    At this point and time I can only say that we never ever ever know what life has around the corner for us, so enjoy every second of it–even if it is a break.

  10. plump says:

    aww. fuck breaks. especially the unplanned ones.

    Here’s to a very purdy new tattoo xox

  11. timaree says:

    Well, crappity crap. Unplanned breaks are the pits, and I know what you mean about them throwing you off course with all of the good-for-you TTC stuff. I say take full advantage of it, though. Get some good scotch, a fabo tatoo, and just embrace it all. I wish I could come enjoy all of that with you!

  12. Sara says:

    So sorry. SUCKY news! I had to have polyps out too, which put us out for a couple of months by the time they got around to scheduling my pre-op, my op and my healing time… SUCKS!!

    I’m hoping the scheduling gods are merciful for you!

  13. kittenroar5 says:

    I’ll down some extra tequila for you darlin. I had the polyp thing too. I can say if you are doing the whole lap she-bang, the recovery isn’t too back. But waiting effing sucks. Wanna meet up for new piercings and tats? I will if you will.

  14. starrhillgirl says:

    Agh! I want to but I can’t get to you anymore! Help!

  15. amanda says:

    Take me with you!! i’m so sorry…there is nothing like having to wait, especially for more than one cycle at a time. i’m really hoping that this does the trick for you though–it is about time.

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