mostly ttc shit

So I go tomorrow for the long awaited HSG, aka dye job, to illuminate my insides and confirm or deny Polyp the Possible. My transport and hand-holding will be courtesy of cho-girl, who will be treated to coffee after. I’m getting sort of psyched about seeing what my insides look like – the u/s doesn’t really cut it for me. How do they read that shit? It looks like a bunch of gray dots to me; the only thing I saw that looked like anything at my last u/s was my fab 17 mm follicle. Everything else the RE pointed out I was all, “uh huh, uh huh, how about that? Huh. Sure. Looks good to me.” So seeing my tubes and such will be fun. I’m less apprehensive than I was a few days ago (thanks for the comments, y’all – really, they were very reassuring and I’ve got my 800 mg of ibuprofen and my whiskey at the ready), and it will be nice to be doing *something*. As Jen pointed out, it sucks to be a regular at the RE’s and not actively trying to make a baby. So doing something more than getting a cheap lube saturated wang cam scan and sending vats of my blood to the lab sounds good to me. Even if it does, you know, involve dye up my hooha.

In other news, the first ever CLAW bout was on Tuesday and was great. You know you’re sorry you missed it. For your amusement, look here and here and here. And then come on down next month.

So me and cho-girl and Polyp the Possible will be down at the hospital tomorrow am, if you want to wave in our general direction. CD 6. Let’s get this party started.

With all due respect, photo courtesy of Billy Hunt.


8 Comments on “mostly ttc shit”

  1. vee says:

    Hope it went well for you. I was stoked to see my insides too – it was an extraordinary thing indeed.

  2. Jude says:

    Good luck today!!

  3. jay says:

    Gooood luck!!

  4. LB says:

    Thinking of you………..mmmmmmm.
    Oops! I’ll try again and keep it on task.
    Hope yer hoochie is feeling well enough to come out tonight!

  5. sara says:

    I’m sure this will go wonderfully (or as wonderfully as these things can go)– I’ll be thinking of you and your uterus!

  6. the injector says:

    hope it all goes real smooth. toss back the brown liquor and snuggle up to the weekend.

    loved the pics of the CLAW!

  7. timaree says:

    Good luck, girl! I hope it’s relatively free of discomfort and that the IB and whiskey do their thing. xoxo

  8. j says:

    Ibuprofen. Do not forget the ibuprofen.

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