friday for the win!

From the beginning, because you know I love a list:

* all clear HSG. Spill on both sides, warmed gown from the nicest nurse in the world, totally cheerful and nice and again with the nice folks in Radiology, comforting but totally unnecessary hand holding from cho-girl, pretty pictures of my insides, polyp confirmation (whew – known is better than unknown, yes?) and also did I mention how nice? Those folks in Radiology – Teh Best. There were a million of them and they all introduced themselves (“Hi, I’m Dr. So-and-so, you can call me Stphanie” – love her.) and shook hands and explained exactly what they were going to be doing and laughed my my jokes and they didn’t hurt me. Not a bit. The most amusing part was that Stephanie, my newest BFF, thought cho-girl was a Radiology tech, because she had on a lovely lead gown. And really, it was a lovely gown – flowered and with a nice embroidered “L” for lovely.

*breakfast at the diner after aforementioned hurt-free and all clear HSG. Out and about 10 am! Woo and Hoo! With bacon! And with a vastly entertaining Other Patron at the table next to us who drove up in his big maroon Cadi, walked in, ordered a whiskey on the rocks, chatted us up, realized he didn’t have his wallet, left his drink and drove off to get his wallet and came back only to be joined by his wife. He was charming except he said I talk like a yankee.

*love from the internets.

*tidying to prepare for the arrival by train of Hard Girl and company. Yay! It’s illness that brings them, but I’ll take it.

*warm and amazing sun and did I mention warm? Warm enough to have the front door open – it’s been since October since I’ve done that.

*walking downtown to the post office (I heart the USPS) with the Hard Girl Fam. So warm and lovely. Plus we got to hang with the post office guy because I was foolish enough to think that sending a package to Ireland would be a simple matter of a stamp. No, no – there’s customs, you see. Heh. I was sending off my full pack of Instead Cups to another IVP kid, but the post office guy seemed pretty nonplussed when he asked me what was in the box and I said “feminine supplies.” Perhaps he was too taken with Tiny Fruit Baby to be worried about what sort of things the IVP likes to put in it’s respective hoohas. Anyway, I think my home insem days are done, and so I gleefully send off my Insteads and welcome the world of western meds with open arms.

*bacon from the neighbors. Yes, that’s bacon from the neighbors. Pork belly from Polyface, some magic salt/brown sugar/spice thing plus curing in their shed equals bacon. From the neighbors. Damn. I’ve got a good half pound of it in the kitchen right now, waiting to be breakfast for the guests.

*errand running in the car. Not normally something I do, but there was the need for cat food, else I’d loose a limb. Plus, as the whole Hard Girl Extendo Fam is here, there is a grandma who needs a nightgown. So I went for cat food and debated Rose’s vs. Kmart for the nightgown for about 1 minute before picking Rose’s, which took me over the (small) mountain to the east of town, giving me the view to end all views – looking west to the other (larger) mountains as the sun set behind them. Holy fucking shit, y’all.

* CD release party not too far from home tonight. Out of the house is sometimes good for me


There were daffodils just blooming outside the hospital this morning and crocus by Main street. Two more weeks of February, kids. I think we’ll make it.

9 Comments on “friday for the win!”

  1. owlie says:

    yay! for the all clear (except the polyp).
    all sounds lovely.
    owlie from enough grows

  2. jay says:

    you make me dizzy sometimes! hope you have a great weekend.

    the polyp news sucks though. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. xxxx

  3. calliope says:

    how ever do you do so damn much?
    glad for the pain free HSG!


  4. gypsygrrl says:

    glad everything went well with the HSG and yes, i think known-polyp is better than unknown…

    my main thought tho was: DAFFODILS??? *sigh* they are my absolute FAV flower. i miss living in a house where they were planted. i must go take a drive tomorrow and see if i see any. photo please of any daffy’s you see. [i know. i am awfully demanding, eh?]


  5. timaree says:

    Glad that you have the all clear. What are they going to do about that polyp though?

    We’re starting to feel the onset of spring today too. We actually had the windows open and short sleeves! You’re right: I believe we’re goint to make it. Can’t believe it’s nearly March!

  6. the injector says:

    i thought i left a comment; i guess it disappeared.
    glad to know you know what is happening and that you are having time with friends and that spring is just around the bend for you all…
    be well.

  7. sara says:

    I think we’ll make it too– I’m glad there is so much goodness for you right now– just reading about it all made me smile.

  8. mrsbluemont says:

    I needed your brightness this morning. And lordy are you shining! Very happy for the list of wonders. Kudos and kisses for all, esp the pain free & clear HSG. oxox

  9. amanda says:

    Well, it’s been a while since i’ve been by, but this is about the best stuff i could have hoped for. Congrats on the clear tubes! 🙂 That really is awesome. And as much as i wish this could all happen amazingly naturally for all of us, i sure hope bringing out the bigger guns does the trick for you–like, right away. Seriously!
    The warm weather, beautiful scenery, and great music sounds pretty darn good, too.

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