so much for that 3 posts a week bullshit

Have you missed me? Oh, poor us! It’s been so long. And there’s nothing to tell. No thing. Honest.

It’s February. *sigh* There’s been work and some blood draws (I have the dubious distinction of having gone to the RE’s enough now that the lab techs recognize me) and more work and sitting around wishing the house was cleaner and cursing the cat-diarrhea and sleeping. Boring. I know. I’m living it. There’s no sun (well, not enough for me) and the weather has had moments of decency, but no snow. I call for a blizzard or for May. Enough of this winter shit. As SJ said, “Go Team February! Mascot: apathy.”

Tonight for dinner I raided the freezer for the last of one bag of last summer’s broccoli. And had it with tiny elbow macaroni and sausage from Babes in the Wood. It was like locavore hamburger helper. I kept expecting the little hand guy from the commercials to pop out, only he’d have an ironic baseball cap on and carry a banjo and he’d want to have a serious conversation about how his time as a WWOOFer had helped him reconnect with The Land.

There’s some radioactive dye in my uterus’s future. Woo. And now for the audience participation section of this blog: How much and what sort of pain meds did you take for your HSG? When did you take them? I’m not so much for the invasive medical procedures, for all my love of the needles at the RE’s lab.


9 Comments on “so much for that 3 posts a week bullshit”

  1. bean says:

    Hi! I didn’t take anything for my HSG. It did hurt, but only briefly, and I don’t think medication would have made much difference. Still, if a doctor throws you some valium…

  2. Jen says:


    Onto the HSG… and as an aside, I will say, isn’t it a pisser to be a regular at the RE’s and still not be actively attempting to create a child?? That drove me made during the molar pregnancy… anyway, I took 800 mg ibuprofen an hour before the procedure. I guess it helped because I wasn’t very uncomfortable during or after the procedure. However, the speculum and the catheter REALLY HURT. Maybe I am a wuss. I begged my doc for Valium cause I thought a muscle relaxant might help with the speculum issue (which I anticipated) but he said no. Some doctors DO give Valium… go for it if you can get it.

    From reading years of stories on FF it does seem that the level of discomfort and pain in HSGs is somewhat correlated to whether you have blockages. If you have them, the HSG tends to hurt more. No idea how a polyp factors into that.

    Good luck – and keep up the good eating! 🙂

  3. the injector says:

    you are back…! woo hoo. wondered what happened to you.
    all of us michiganders have been screaming that we are done, done, done with winter. today it was 1 degree and 15 below with windchill. i’m over it (unless of course we get snowed in for 5 days with good food and good wine).

    i have no advice about painkillers; though i find bourbon to be helpful…that is of course if you are not trying to be as fertile as possible.

  4. vee says:

    Two ibuprofen and I didn’t feel a thing. But hey, if they’re offering, I’d take, just for the hell of it.

  5. gypsygrrl says:

    oooh you have no idea how we missed you!!! 🙂 and i am with you ~ either SNOW or MAY! i dont think it is that demanding of a request, yannow? we havent had a really serious snow yet this year, and i would like to put in my request to have one so that we get a snow day on a thursday or friday (clinical days)

    the dinner sounds yummy!

  6. LKC says:

    I took two ibuprofen about two hours before the HSG. The moment the dye went in there was some uncomfortable cramping but nothing unbearable and then it was all over. The HSG literally took a few minutes from start to finish and was not anything like I was expecting. It will be over before you know it.

  7. mrsbluemont says:

    no hsg help, but had to say how glad i am that you’ve given me another post to read and reread.

    “Go Team February! Mascot: apathy” is my new tagline.

    hope thing go well in your dyed future. oxox

  8. Amanda says:

    i love that you have access to such great food up there. We have a couple of local organic farms, but only one that has meat…therefore, unless my brother gives us some truly free-range (i.e. deer season) meat, we are for all intensive purposes, vegetarians.

    When do you go in for the HSG? Maybe that’s a better question to email, come to think of it. 😉

  9. tui says:

    Hi there, I’m new to your blog, but thought I’d comment and let you know that my wife got through her hsg with no drugs. I think it was uncomfortable but not painful at the time, but an hour or so later she did get some stomach cramps.

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