oh, the agony….

My L-word dealer is out of town. No fix for me this week. Ack. I’ve been distracting myself with this. Warning – spoilers and sooooo NSW (nudity *and* guns).

Did anybody make dinner this week? I forgot. But next Sunday, I’m all over it. Tell me what you’re bringing so I can menu plan.

Oh, god. You’re all watching it right now! I’m dying…..


3 Comments on “oh, the agony….”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    i’ll make dinner next week… lasagna, likely vegetarian.

    tonight i did make some cream of broccoli soup, but no pictures. i am a slacker. and unimaginative…

    you know ~ i think we should have a IVP Virtual Sunday Dinner ~ maybe once a month. wouldnt that be fun?

  2. Clemency says:

    Hi Corey Jo, finally got off my lazy arse and added your blog to my list! See, it takes me so long just to read other people’s (vastly superior, funnier, better written) blogs there’s no way I can write my own.

    You should try being here. We still haven’t even got series 4 LW yet! Censorship issues. It totally bites.

  3. amanda says:

    Hey, if you ever want to time travel you should skip on down here for a viewing one week! 😉
    Last night we watched at a friend’s house who made homemade pizzas. Yum.
    Sorry you had to miss it–it was the best one yet!!
    ps-you better get a key from your friends next time!

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