coming soon to a diner near you…

Well, the diner near me, that is. Yes, it’s CLAW. C***** Lady’s Arm Wrestling. Here’s a sneak preview with Down Low Cho and Lefty Red.


6 Comments on “coming soon to a diner near you…”

  1. LB says:

    Mostly I’m excited about you being a judge!!!
    The Nurse

  2. 411crazytown says:

    That was f*ing hysterical. How bout Lo Blo Cho Grrl?

  3. cho-girl says:

    I am afeared. I think I may be too competitive and not so much a good sport.
    Thank you for not showing the next one.

  4. yelir says:

    Did she (L.R.) just forfeit?

  5. Jess Mauzy says:

    Funny, I just ran into Lefty Red and she doesn’t remember this video at all, even after prompting. She must be an arm-wrestling maniac!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I have arm wrestled so much lately, I can’t remember who I beat as a lefty. Peace!!!

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