the dice, there are none

Despite the fact that Fed Ex managed to make a timely delivery of sperm, there will be no insemination this weekend. My u/s today showed what the RE thinks might be a polyp in my uterus – not a big deal and easy to get rid of if that is indeed what it is, but it is not desirable to try to grow a baby in an already occupied uterus. So no dice.

On the brighter side, I had one perfect 17mm follicle on the left and a nice 11 mm lining, which seems good for CD 13. I’ve got my operating instructions for when to call for luteal phase blood work and my appointment for next cycles HSG (which will clarify the polyp issue) and free reign to drink whiskey all weekend.


7 Comments on “the dice, there are none”

  1. calliope says:

    damn damn damn damn!
    I am so bummed out for you, honey.
    How does one get rid of a polyp??

    I will be your virtual drinking buddy. fo sho

  2. reproducinggenius says:

    Crap. This really and truly sucks.

    I hope they’re able to do away with that polyp quickly so that you can get going with this again. In the meantime, enjoy the scotch. It’s quite an amazing salve, I’ve found.

  3. vee says:

    Huh. Uterine interlopers. I’m sorry my friend. Here’s hoping it gets its eviction notice swiftly. Sorry.

  4. amanda says:

    Oh shit. i’m so sorry. i am crossing my fingers and toes that this all gets worked out very soon.
    So sorry.

  5. jay says:

    I too am sorry. Bigly.
    I too am a fan of whisky.
    Hugs to you. xx

  6. the injector says:

    fuck a duck…
    well, enjoy the whiskey! what’s your absolute favorite? i am imagination cheersing you with some basil hayden’s neat.

  7. gypsygrrl says:

    well shit.
    so much for my airplane Hail Mary’s. just think…they will be storing up all the good vibes for when the uterine interloper (LOVE THAT TERM, vee)

    enjoy the whiskey. i like the idea of virtual drinking buddies. how fun. maybe i shall join you and cali ~ one last hurrah before school starts monday!

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