oh, fed ex, how i do hate you

There really is no need for the boring details. I mean, it’s Fed Ex – I should expect them to fuck up at this point, right? They’ve done it before.

Anyway. I though the delivery of this cycle’s bio-tranz kit to my donors was totally fucked, but thanks to my donors’ willingness to drive way the fuck out to the central Fed Ex lair, we should be in business. Let me reiterate how much I hate Fed Ex. One of the many, many reasons I will be glad to be done with this, baby in hand, is that I can then never. ever. ever. use fucking Fed Ex again. Never again.

Yes, it’s my Really Truly Last Chance DIY Insem. My Hail Mary insem, as some would call it. There’ll be no prometrium to work it’s magic with my luteal phase this time, as I’m being monitored by the RE to get a nice baseline for his future work. So it will just be me and Teh Spermz and whatever help old Mary’s willing to give. And, yes, my atheist ass will be counting off the Hail Mary on my fingers (no rosary to be had) because what is prayer but ritual set up to bring on comfort and hope. I’ll also have my voodoo charm from de-cryptic stashed under the bed, just in case you thought I was slipping.

*sigh* Stupid Fed Ex.


8 Comments on “oh, fed ex, how i do hate you”

  1. gypsygrrl says:

    hey – i *do* have a rosary, and i will say some hail mary’s on it for you while i am en route to the girl tomorrow morning, ok? nice distraction from biting my nails to the quick, and some good karma for you. a win-win situation, i think!

    i will send swimmy thoughts for teh spermz and good maps, too!

  2. lb says:

    Fingers crossed, but nonchalantly. Like it doesn’t really matter that much. Trust me. I got superstition all up in me…….not a peep!Not from KP, either, or else.

  3. reproducinggenius says:

    You hate FedEx like I hate UPS. Once, our donor sent a shipment, and while it was on the truck at 7am, it didn’t arrive at our home until 5pm. At the time, our donor’s shipment method left a lot to be desired, so we got (brace yourself) warm sperm. Ugh.

    Here’s hoping this is the last time you ever need to use them. If all goes well, our sperm is shipping via FedEx today as well, so for the sake of us both, I hope they’ve got their acts together!

  4. the injector says:

    here’s hoping to it working. fingers crossed; good thoughts; and lots of r-e-p-r-o-d-u-c-t-i-o-n energy coming your way.

  5. calliope says:

    just a reminder: Mary IS the most famous icon of artificial insemination. Not a bad idea to have her on your said. Hail Mary indeed!

    full of grace…don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on the praying.

  6. sara says:

    Here’s hoping that this is the one!

  7. Chips says:

    Ah… so that explains why this atheist prays so…

    and Cali sure has it right on the Mary thing. If there’s anyone you want on side, it’s her.

    Good Luck!

  8. Brooke says:

    i’ll light the menorah for your sperm. i really like ritual to provide comfort and hope.

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