It snowed! We are still ourselves, not Richmond!

None of the area schools had it together to close this morning, so we all trecked to work just as it was starting to come down and then closed by 9 am. Ok, actually, it was much more dramatic than that and involved me leaving my car at school and my assistant leaving her car at my house and my boss driving them both home, but the real point is: SNOW DAY! Hooray!

I will: nap, read, look at the snow, eat lunch (maybe at the diner if I can find a date), nap, look at the snow, watch the second disk of Gangs of New York (which I just read the book of), nap, look at the snow, and blog. I swear. There will be blogging.


4 Comments on “finally!”

  1. LB says:

    Finally! Snowy snow snow!

  2. cho-girl says:

    And older kid got 2 (2!) calls from friends wanting him to come over.
    I was all like, no way!
    We stays at home, sledding watching movies and eating comfort foods.
    No drive-y.

  3. gypsygrrl says:

    a snow day!!!
    i went for a pre-test for this coming semester, flunked it, drove around in the snow for an hour or two, going to the bank and slip-sliding up the hill to home. but man. i am happy to be sitting here with the drapes open enjoying the snow.

    is it weird i am eating ice cream? 😉

  4. notesfrom2moms says:

    central virginia?!?! I guess I haven’t been reading closely enough. As a richmonder who got 30 min of snow today i am jealous.

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