where have i been?

Funny you should ask…..
I’ve been:
*at work
*in bed with the worst head ache of the year (for me, that is)
*in the car with Sophie (the kid’s got a lot of shit going on)
*in Free Union, watching the L-word.

There’s all sorts of things I might ought to fill you in on (heheh, 2 prepositions in a row is funny), like my deaf cat, my desire to be on vacation all the time, the recent warm weather and how it makes me want summer, my car situation, my views on the election, my lack of a roommate, but blah, blah, blah.

But what’s really important? The L-word. Yes, it was everything it’s cracked up to be: hot girls, outrageous plot lines and more hot girls. My friend who tivos it for me had us all set up: she’d recorded the last episode from the last season, too – as a refresher. We let her baby stay up to watch it with us (we covered her eyes during the sex, don’t worry) and then put her to be and broke out the chocolate cookies and hunkered down with the premiere.

Oh, my program…. as my grandma would say – so good and yet, so, really, not good. And yes, I am about to sit down with my dinner sized bowl of popcorn and re-watch it. What’s it to you?

(Warning! Possible spoilers! Jay, Vee – beware!)

The “Our Chart” (what-the-fuck-ever) version on line is edited within an inch of its life. The hot scene with Tasha and Alice at the end was totally cut all to shit.

“Oh-nine-hundred-o’clock in the morning” = best line of the show.

The “you love me but you’re not in love with me” conversation between Shane (*sigh*) and what’s her name? I’ve had that exact conversation. Only I didn’t run out and commit arson afterwards. This is why my life is not on Showtime. (I did hang on to a certain dutch oven and, more recently a very nice sweater – but I’ll be returning them both! I swear! But, F your I, break my heart and leave your shit at my house then it becomes part of the landscape and then I wear it and cook with it. Until I mail it back.)

Who the hell takes care of that baby all the time? And the pre-school interview scene made me ill. Ill. Please tell me that shit doesn’t really happen. Also, why was it weird for Angelica to sign something? Baby signs are painfully hip these days. (I mean in no way to bash baby signing – it’s great – but still, totally the baby fad for the new millennium)

Helena’s cell mate is hot.


6 Comments on “where have i been?”

  1. jay says:

    *COVERS EYES AND SCREAMS* aaaagghhh!

    I have no idea where things are at in USA, but next time you blog about the L Word, please can you put a WARNING FOR BRITS at the top so that we don’t accidently learn things that we shouldn’t learn because we are several series’ behind? I think I closed my eyes in time, though. And I hope your headache leaves you alone! xx

  2. starrhillgirl says:

    Oops. Sorry!

  3. steinbockfrau says:

    Mom & I watch the show (we started with the 1st season as it was, and is, the ONLY show to ever talk about sperm donors & insems)

    But can I just say- I HATE JENNY! I seriously hate every scene she is in & I feel like it is such a waste.

    We need to have a scheduled time to talk about each episode.

  4. Jess Mauzy says:

    Is it on HBO? I’ve never watched it but my curiosity is piqued.

  5. starrhillgirl says:

    Showtime, baby – I mean, Jess. Hence my drive to Free Union. I don’t get that shit.

    Cali, the L-word is the cure for what ails you. It is the best distraction ever. And I hate Jenny, too. She’s the worst. I have a friend who leaves the room when she’s on. (Ok, so maybe it’s not really a cure….but you know what I mean.)xo

  6. amanda says:

    Scary, but i totally thought Helena’s cell mate was my ex-gf/actress–i kept having to sit up straight in front of the tv to make sure it wasn’t. It wasn’t.

    And you are totally right about Alice’s time-telling. That cracked me up. Otherwise, i thought it kinda blew. But i am one of those sad lesbians that actually thinks the show has potential!

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