friday night

I had a date last night! With my tiny bf, the smallest cho! He is soooo good looking…..*swoon*. As he is his mother’s child, he came with gear: a big old bag o’ tricks – movies and treats and feathers and who knows what else. Those cho’s – they are happy to haul shit. And plans, he came with Teh Planz. For making ink out of charcoal and watching Planet Earth and making s’mores. And for not leaving the house. *sigh* My hero. There is always the Going Out Option when dining Chez Starrhill, because there are only a million restaurants within spitting distance, and my tiny bf first said he wanted to go to Mono Loco (he likes calamari), but then, seemingly out of the blue, he wondered aloud if I had ever ordered pizza at my house. So we stayed in…. ah….heaven. Also, he can correctly identify Giant Salamanders just by seeing their feet and he loves my cats. And we Shared. Emotions, I mean. He confessed to being “nervous” to come here without his brother, and that the last time he came over he was “weeping.” I love a sensitive man. Especially one in a sweater.

And then we made s’mores. With a kit he’d been given for xmas. Note the kit above left. Also note that it appears to have been attacked by mice, but really it was just opened by an 8 year old. The marshmallows were slightly stale, but the s’mores were great all the same. Post s’mores, we sat on the couch to watch one of the Planet Earth DVDs. There was *almost* snuggling. Almost.

Here’s an instructional video, just in case you don’t know how to make your own s’mores.


2 Comments on “friday night”

  1. cho-girl says:

    maybe next time he is over he will want to dance! Then you will have seen all sides to the greatness that is the younger cho-boy . . .

  2. JohnL says:

    Looks like he even tolerates laundry.

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