not to fuck up the mojo or anything

but 155 sounds pretty damn good to me

Fireworks for Cali, because it is about fucking time.
And all together now with the WOO and the HOO!!!!!!


3 Comments on “not to fuck up the mojo or anything”

  1. Hard Girl says:

    And that stork thing? Freaking cool. Here’s hoping it’s the start of a trend among you and yours.

  2. steinbockfrau says:

    awww- thanks, chica!
    sending major mojo your way.

  3. Hard Girl says:

    And another sign of magic in the air: When you were here, did you see the chrysalis on the kitchen side of the bar where we make tea? Well, I assumed it was dead, knowing that it was from a caterpillar that came in with summer farm produce, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it, just in case. This morning, it hatched a yellow butterfly! What a good New Year’s omen, huh?

    Also we went for a walk and followed the sound of bagpipes to see a celtic dance happening on the roof of a house, with live bagpipe music. And because I don’t have a blog, I’m putting it on yours.

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