for some distraction….

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moar funny pictures

Don’t get too distracted, I’m trying to get pregnant here!

CD 12, high on old Clear Blue, crazy amounts of eggwhite CM and a bare smidge of hope for this Cycle of Almost Hopeless Last Chances, because very, very, very good things are happening at the very top levels of the IVP. Things that are not yet bloggable because I don’t want to fuck with the mojo. But be joyous, my friends, good things are happening.

(shh…tiny link, so as not to fuck up the mojo)


2 Comments on “for some distraction….”

  1. steinbockfrau says:

    I love the cheeseburger site- like insane love. Like it is some days the 1st place I go to.

    I am sending SOOOOOO much mojo YOUR way for a beautiful and smooth sailing insem this weekend.


  2. Amanda says:

    BEST of luck this weekend. Thinking of ya.

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