how to be a good guest

  • show up
  • bring your nice bf
  • spoil cats
  • chat in bathroom while brushing teeth
  • clip cats’ claws
  • pick up host from airport, thereby saving said host long, long nighttime drive
  • make self at home
  • leave delicious cookies
  • love cats more than host does
  • put up with rather large group of rather raucous company early xmas morning
  • put on appropriate holiday themed music for aforementioned rather raucous company when host forgets that stereo exists
  • talk in Cute Animal Voice™ to cats


  • strip sheets from guest bed
  • don’t leave (please)

The Boston kids are leaving. *sigh*


3 Comments on “how to be a good guest”

  1. hard girl says:

    Listen to her, folks. She is the absolute expert on being a good guest.

  2. Amanda says:

    Those DO sound like great guests. i’m glad you had some wonderful friends to visit with over the holidays.

  3. Anna Alter says:

    Aw, it is easy to be a good guest at your house. I wish we were sitting by your fire right now.

    ps Tell Bailey Bruno misses him! I think they got along so well because they are both long and lankey.

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