the wagon

There’s these folks in central va who have recently started roasting their own coffee, after years of running a coffee shop downtown. It’s delicious, and their kids are fucking cute. Long ago, back in the day, my Seattle friend, the girl one, and I used to get coffee from them. So I thought it would be nice to bring a bag of their coffee out here with me. Here being Seattle, specifically the couch in apartment 304. Anyway. I was up with the new baby from a little before 5 on, so the other adults could get some real sleep in, and round about 7 (when it was still dark – wtf?) I scrounged around and found the press-pot and made some coffee. Oh, god – so good. Especially with cookies that some kind person had brought over.

You see, I’ve “given up” coffee in the name of ttc (don’t laugh – it’s sort of true). Several years ago, I picked up the Toves and Brill book at Babeland (yes, I bought a book about getting pregnant at a s.ex toy store) and one of the things they talk about is giving up coffee. So I did. It was easy. I’d always loved it, but never really *needed* it to wake up. Morning is great – who needs coffee? Really, giving it up was no big deal at first, but then, I started to miss it. Coffee is good, y’all. So good. I think I’ll have another cup…… You, see? Fabulous. So I’ve been on and off coffee for a while now: I’ll drink it pretty regularly when if I’m taking a break, but mostly I have green tea in the mornings (helpful for CM, or so say many of the Alterna-Fertility Sources) and a weekly treat of coffee plus the occasional other cup, say, if some kind soul brings us coffee at work or cho-girl needs an afternoon coffee date. I’d like to tell you that the result of all this is that I am now knocked up. But, no. The real result of all this abstaining is that I love coffee even more. And appreciate it. Absence, even just occasional absence, makes the heart grow fonder. And I am fond of you, dear, dear coffee. So fond of your deliciousness and bitter tastiness and fragrant steam. And yes, I will become one with you the whole fucking time I am in Seattle and it will be great. Great, I tell you.

Another libation I’ve given up – sort of – is alcohol. We’ll say sort of because I only really abstain during the two week wait. Otherwise, I’ll live it up. Well, not really, as my tolerance has dropped to the level of a giggling first year sorority girl. *sigh* But, as with coffee, the lack has lead to an even greater appreciation. A more full savoring, you might say. Whiskey – good stuff.

What’s so fascinating about all this, if you’re fascinated by the less-than intricate workings of my body and psyche, is that it become abundantly clear that I am not a teetotaler. Not in the literal/historic sense, nor in the figurative sense. I’m not really into doing or not doing *anything* religiously. I fascinate myself. Ha.

Also speaking of addiction, I have a real soft spot for my computer, which I am posting on as we speak! Any other posts or electronic communication has gone out by way of my friend’s computer, which she is unendingly generous with, but I’ve missed my machine. One might say I’ve been going through withdrawal, or one might simply note the joyousness of our current reunion. As you know from previous posts, I’ve been unable to connect to the wireless network here for unknown reasons, but just now I found an unprotected one. In fact, the mainbody of this post was written 2 days ago. Thank you, oh trusting holder of the network zoom. Thank you.

Off to make some custard.


3 Comments on “the wagon”

  1. Elsie says:

    People who don’t drink coffee don’t understand. I, however, know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Except for the part where you can stop. Cuz I can’t. At least not and keep a job, or any friends. Live it up. VA is still beautiful.

  2. cho-girl says:

    I have been drinking both TBC and whiskey in your absence. Not at the same time, but that may be just around the corner.
    Got my own bottle of E.C. since I am too impatient to wait for Santa, sat with the Smoking One in front of the simple sparkly tree and siiiipped. And it was good.

  3. sara says:

    I’m just like you (with the trying to be “good” with the caffiene, etc. (mostly)). Anyway, I can relate.

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